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Cover, Dedication, Acknowledgement, Contents, Introduction

Chapter 1: What Was the Haram Esh-Sharif?

Chapter 2: The Roman Fortress at Jerusalem

Chapter 3: The Largeness of Fort Antonia

Chapter 4: Fort Antonia Was a Roman City

Chapter 5: The Harem Esh-Sharif Was Fort Antonia

Chapter 6: The Rock and the Fortress of Antonia

Chapter 7: The Significance of the "Rock" Under the Dome of the Rock

Chapter 8: Many Modern Sites for the Temples in Jerusalem

Chapter 9: The Real Jewish Site of the Temples

Chapter 10: All Jewish Buildings in Jerusalem Destroyed in 70 C.E.

Chapter 11: Every Stone Uprooted From the Temple

Chapter 12: Ruins of the Temple in Southeastern Jerusalem

Chapter 13: The First "Western (Wailing) Wall"

Chapter 14: The Actual Temple Site From 638 to 1099 C.E.

Chapter 15: The Garden of Eden, the Tower of Babel, and the Temple of God

Chapter 16: Where Did Solomon Build the Temple?

Chapter 17: The Centrality of the Early Temples

Chapter 18: The Temple on the Southeast Ridge

Chapter 19: The Prime Position of the Temple

Chapter 20: The Original Temple Over the Gihon Spring

Chapter 21: Necessary Spring Waters Within the Temples

Chapter 22: Where Was the Akra?

Chapter 23: The City of David and the Ophel

Chapter 24: Critical Problems Facing Simon the Hasmonean

Chapter 25: A New Temple Had to be Built

Chapter 26: The Dead Sea Scrolls and the New Jerusalem of Simon

Chapter 27: Resistance to Simon's Rule

Chapter 28: Simon's Building Projects

Chapter 29: The Temple in the Book of Enoch

Chapter 30: Rebuilding the Temple

Chapter 31: Descriptions of Fort Antonia and the Temple of Herod

Chapter 32: The Colonnades From the Temple to Fort Antonia

Chapter 33: The Temple That Josephus Knew

Chapter 34: The Proper Comparisons of the Temple

How Could the Rabbis Forget?



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