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The Star of Bethlehem 

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Over 600 planetariums around the world have been showing the new discoveries recorded in this 280 page book. This research not only identifies what the real star of the Wise Men was, it also reveals from the Bible the exact date and time of day (within an hour and a half) of when Jesus was born. This surprising information comes directly from the New Testament (with the application of the science of astronomy). The research is backed up with extensive reference to Roman and Jewish historical records and gives the essential astronomical data that can make the New Testament account of the birth of Jesus to be very understandable and also majestic beyond compare. There were planetary conjunctions that happened in the heavens in the period when Jesus was born (3 to 2 BC) about which modern astronomers have expressed awe and astonishment. This is one book that all people interested in science and the Bible should have. It is easy to read and understand.

This volume has potential readers among those interested in astronomy, astrology, early Roman history, mainline Christianity, students of Bible Chronology and Prophecy, religious teachers and university professors.

Watch: the Star of Bethlehem Video created by Griffith Observatory.

Listen: to the Star of Bethlehem Interview of Dr. Ernest L. Martin
by Jeff Rense on his nationally syndicated radio show.

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$23.95 US ASK #: BK03 ISBN: 0-945657-88-9
$28.95 Canadian 280 pages, Softbound Second Edition: 1996
$33.95 Outside US and Canada 8 Illustrations 34,400 copies sold

Selected Reviews

 "Of all the theories currently clustering around the Christmas star, I believe Martin's may be the most plausible." - R. Schneider, Sen. Editor, Guideposts
 "Prof. Martin has presented a reasoned argument which deserves to be considered seriously." - Prof. F.F. Bruce, Univ. of Manchester, England.
 "Convincing chronological conclusions." - Prof. Jack Finegan, author of "Handbook of Biblical Chronology"
Table of Contents
Chapter Page
1 The Star of Bethlehem in History 3
2 Who Were the Wise Men? 22
3 Was the Star a Real Star 33
4 The Real Star of Bethlehem 46
5 The Time of Jesus' Birth 67
6 The Birth of Jesus and the Day of Trumpets 92
7 That Dark Decade in History 103
8 Astronomy and the Death of King Herod 119
9 The Lunar Eclipse of Josephus 138
10 The War that No One Can Find 156
11 The Two Governorships of Quintilius Varus 169
12 The Census of Quirinius 181
13 The Chronology of Josephus 200
Appendix 1: Quintilius Varus and the Lapis Tiburtinus 232
Appendix 2: The Question of Gaius Caesar 235
Appendix 3: The Banishment of Julia 237
Appendix 4: The Sabbatical Years and Chronology 239

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