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  December 2018 Newsletter

The article this month is "Israel and Judah: 33. Isaiah and the Death of Ahaz." I detail some of Isaiah's prophecies as they relate to the reign of Ahaz, king of Judah. One prophecy relevant to the story of Ahaz is the very important Immanuel Prophecy. Then the narratives of Second Kings and Second Chronicles are told with reference to the sinfulness of Judah's leaders, priests, and the people. The several prophets were the means YHWH used to communicate with His covenant people of Judah regarding their obligations, rewards for obedience, and punishments for sinful disobedience.
  November 2018 Newsletter

Two doctrinal articles are presented to you this month: "Suicide in the Bible" and "Fear in Scripture." These articles relate to each other. Certainly, suicide or attempted suicide in our world today is an increasing phenomenon. Suicide comes from fear of the future or from despair of past actions. Judas for example had justifiable regret and anguish over his betrayal of Jesus and he killed himself.
  October 2018 Newsletter

This month's article is "Israel and Judah: 32. Jotham and Ahaz of Judah." We continue to engage the narratives of Second Kings and Second Chronicles with the writings of the Major Prophets (Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel) and the twelve Minor Prophets of Israel. The purpose of the prophets was for YHWH to communicate with His covenant people regarding their obligations, potential rewards for obedience, and potential punishments for disobedience. They also tell us readers today what the people were thinking at that ancient time. What the people of Israel were thinking was not pleasant, just as what we think is often unpleasant.
  September 2018 Newsletter

This month's article is the edited and expanded version of a 1999 article by Dr. Ernest L. Martin titled "The Greatest Revolution in Human History." With the mass of information on the ASK website, this will be new to most of you. You will learn interesting information regarding events that are prophesied to be fulfilled before Christ returns.
  August 2018 Newsletter

"Israel and Judah: 31. Prophets, Writings, and Kings" is the title of this month? article. Beginning in this episode the writings of the Major Prophets (Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel) and the twelve Minor Prophets of Israel enter the conversation between YHWH and His people in a major way.
  July 2018 Newsletter

"God's Temples, Present and Future" is the title of this month's article. Two Temples exist at the present time, one that may surprise you at first, but you will quickly understand, and agree to its importance. Two other Temples will exist in the future, although many prophesied events still need to occur before the next Temple is built in Jerusalem. There will always be at least two Temples existing at a time, and sometimes three, until God becomes all and all (1 Corinthians 15:28).
  June 2018 Newsletter

This Newsletter introduces the characters for the article this month: "Israel and Judah: 30. Kings Amaziah and Uzziah of Judah." It mostly deals with the kingdom of Judah with occasional mentions of the kingdom of Israel. I also announce new videos about the Temple research. episode
  May 2018 Newsletter

This month's article is "A Short History of God's Temples." It gives a brief survey of some aspects of past Temples, some legitimate and others not legitimate. The presence of God is what determines the legitimacy of the Temple. If God's presence is not in the Temple, then it is not a genuine Temple. Most churches today purport to have God? presence within them. Many of the people attending may have God's Spirit, but it is in individuals not in the organization.
  April 2018 Newsletter

"Israel and Judah: 29. The Reign of King Jehu of Israel" is this month's article. Deadly wickedness is again the major theme of this month's episode. First, a conspiracy against wickedness occurs as faithfulness to God and the Davidic line of kings is miraculously preserved. The rescued king later turns against those who saved him, with good turning wicked, again with deadly consequences. YHWH observes and acts to judge the good and the evil, with His mercy always being available.
  March 2018 Newsletter

Powerful families are one of the interesting features of history. One theory of history is the ?reat man theory.?Developed by Thomas Carlyle, two assumptions were made: (1) great leaders are born, not made, and (2) great leaders appear when needed. Research was done by reviewing great leaders of history and noting how much farther the ?reat men?seemed to go in making substantive changes in their societies, for good or evil. All too often focus is on military leaders and conquerors. This is not a biblical model of leadership. Only one great man is significant as far as God was and is concerned ??he man Christ Jesus?in His role as Mediator between God and man. His mediation provides ? ransom for all?human beings.
  February 2018 Newsletter

?srael and Judah: 28. The Reign of King Jehu of Israel?is this month? article. When I wrote this latest episode of the Israel and Judah series I was struck at similarities to a bestselling of modern fiction series. For example, the fictional Godfather saga in books and movies has at the end of each episode several story arcs that end with extremely violent conclusions. The protagonists (not heroes by any means) destroy their enemies completely so no one left alive dare to oppose them. A ?lean sweep?of opponents is made. That is what God does in this month? episode.
  January 2018 Newsletter

This month? article by Dr. Ernest L. Martin is ?eography, A Prime Prophetic Truth.?It presents information on a basic principle: where major biblical prophecies will take place in the future. He then identifies a major example of this ?rime prophetic truth?to show how the entire Middle East is the focus of prophecy, not just Judea, Israel, Canaan, or Palestine.

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