This page contains the index to the ASK Newsletters. The newsletters were formerly called the ASK Communicator. The document was renamed to the ASK Newsletter as that seemed to more accurately fit the document.

  December 1999 Newsletter

One of the most important Prophetic Reports that I have written will be presented to you in January, 2000. You can get it by requesting the January issue. As all of you now know, we are required to adopt a new mailing procedure for sending out Prophetic Reports.
  November 1999 Newsletter

New understanding of the prophecies is being given by God to all of us (and I mean even to myself) that is truly amazing, and even shocking. Let me tell you a fact. Even I have been astonished at what the Holy Scriptures actually are teaching about events soon to occur on earth.
  October 1999 Newsletter

The secrets of the prophetic teachings of God found in the Holy Scriptures are beginning to come alive and into full bloom as never before. The Bible tells us in no uncertain terms that as we approach that period which God calls the End of the Age (and we have entered the threshold phase), the true knowledge of His prophetic messages will be given to those who intently desire them and who are faithful members of God's divine ekklesia (the Congregation of God).
  September 1999 Newsletter

The basic research for my new book on the Temples is now complete. I am presently closeting myself away from ordinary office work and the normal duties of answering mail and questions to finish the composition of this book (as well as creating maps, diagrams, and line drawings along with photographs of pertinent sites). These extra features will help make a rather complex subject to be plain and easy-to-understand. I truly believe that you will rejoice in the outcome when this book is published near the end of the year.
  August 1999 Newsletter

There is nothing easier to understand than the most sophisticated and complicated doctrines of the Holy Scriptures. That statement is not contradictory. That's right. All Scripture is easy to know if a certain principle is applied. The truth is, any ordinary person who is capable of reading the whole Bible can fathom the meaning of the most difficult passages and to perceive precisely what they signify in regard to God's plan for each member of the human race.
  July 1999 Newsletter

The grand and mature teaching of Christianity that the apostle Paul called "the Mystery" (the Great Secret that God had kept from the knowledge of mankind from the time of Adam until A.D.63) is the final revelation of God that informs mankind they are destined to be deified and to sit on the right hand of the Father ("in Christ Jesus") governing the entirety of this universe for all time to come (Ephesians 2:6). It is a glorious teaching that represents the fully developed and complete revelation of the Gospel of Christ for humanity until Christ Jesus appears once again from heaven to begin the Kingdom of God on earth. This time is known as the Millennium, and it is fast approaching on the prophetic calendar.
  June 1999 Newsletter

The Holy Scriptures are becoming clearer and plainer all the time. This is precisely what God prophesied would happen as we approach the End of the Age. That time is just on the horizon. We will soon be witnessing the catastrophic events predicted in the Book of Revelation (along with the parallel passages in the Book of Daniel and other parts of the Scripture). In the meantime, God has given us what could be called a "breath of refreshment" as a time of preparation (a period of prosperity) to develop the mechanical and spiritual means to dispense the real Gospel of Jesus Christ to this world.
  May 1999 Newsletter

We are on the verge of the greatest explosion in biblical knowledge and influence that the world has ever witnessed. The outcome of this soon-coming religious revival (as the old time religionists used to call it) will develop out of events now happening in the world.
  April 1999 Newsletter

The work environment at ASK (in turning out the research and written materials) requires me as well as Ramona to be active all days and even nights to get the jobs accomplished. It is arduous work. We, of course, are not complaining because the results are satisfying in the sense that they can provide people (including Ramona and me) with the basic truths of the Holy Scriptures. The messages are important. For this reason, I have been working overtime and have now finished my brand new book on the doctrines of the New Testament. It is called: "The Essentials of New Testament Doctrine."
  March 1999 Newsletter

There is some good news I wish to share with all of you on the mailing list. The next five to ten years will be the best years in an economic and social sense than has ever happened in the history of the world. While other biblical interpreters (who for the most part have their heads in the sand) are telling you that nothing but gloom and doom are on the immediate horizon, I am giving you what the Bible actually prophesies and, let me tell you a fact, it is the exact opposite of what the majority of prophetic interpreters are stating.
  February 1999 Newsletter

This world will soon be slipping into a prophetic stage of religious anarchy. This approaching period can conveniently be titled: "The Coming Revolt Against Denominational Churches." People will be challenging the control of hierarchical churches, and even the names of denominations will be changed to more generic terms, such as "The Community Church."
  January 1999 Newsletter

Here we are at the beginning of a New Year, and in two years time we will experience the start of the New Century, and even a New Millennium. What we need to realize is the fact that we live in momentous times. There is not the slightest doubt in my mind that we are just entering the period that the Holy Scriptures prophesy as the Time of the End.

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