This page contains the index to the ASK Newsletters. The newsletters were formerly called the ASK Communicator. The document was renamed to the ASK Newsletter as that seemed to more accurately fit the document.

  December 2000 Newsletter

The Roman Catholic leaders in France (and also supported by France's top Protestant theologians) are repudiating and denouncing the celebration of Halloween as "a pagan ritual and a celebration of Satan." Observing such a heathen festival as it is done in the United States is considered a deviant heresy and an abomination to common sense and proper Christian beliefs.
  November 2000 Newsletter

One of the most powerful promises ever given to a disgruntled and disillusioned person in the Holy Scriptures was to the prophet Jeremiah. It was provided to him not long after the prophet had boldly and unequivocally called God a liar in not coming to his aid when Jeremiah thought he desperately needed God's intervention in his life (Jeremiah 15:15-21).
  October 2000 Newsletter

The prophetic teachings of the Holy Scriptures are about to come into full bloom and you will begin to see them happening on a regular basis. That is because we are now on the threshold of the period that the Bible calls the Time of the End. This is when Christ Jesus will begin a series of prophetic events beginning in Jerusalem and the Middle East that will ramify throughout the rest of the world in a systematic and unstoppable manner.
  September 2000 Newsletter

The most dangerous personalities in the universe are angels. True, some angels are benign, but even these God often charges with folly and wrongdoing (Job 4:18). One must remember that even Satan the Devil is an angel who appears as an "angel of light".
  August 2000 Newsletter

There is brand new teaching regarding New Testament doctrine in this month's "Temple Update." I want you to read it carefully. It represents some significant New Testament teaching that becomes clearer and understandable because of the proper recognition of a major prophecy in the Old Testament.
  July 2000 Newsletter

The unusual amount of social tranquility that we are now witnessing since the close of the Cold War is about to end. The Holy Scriptures show that a major change in direction in religious matters and human relationships is now on the horizon. This new period of interest that will shake this society to its foundations will emerge on the scene quite quickly.
  June 2000 Newsletter

Here we are at the start of the twenty-first century; indeed, at the dawn of the third millennium since Christ was born on earth, and this world still continues to be shrouded in what the Holy Scriptures call spiritual darkness (though some people who claim modern day Christianity as their religion might suggest we are in the "light").
  May 2000 Newsletter

There is great joy in my heart in writing this Newsletter [formerly, Communicator] because my new book on the Temples should be in most of your hands by now and this pleases me very much. I will have more to say on the book in a moment. But first, note that I am changing the Communicator to Newsletter. The contents and style that you were used to in the Communicator will stay the same. Only the name will be changed.
  April 2000 Newsletter

Six days ago (March 9th) was a milestone in my fleshly life on this earth in producing joy to me personally. I want to share it with you, my brethren and sisters in Christ. I hope that each one of you can also share the results of my joy in the Father and Christ Jesus in a similar and measurable way. This is because all of you who have supported me and my research work (along with all the efforts of ASK over the years) have been the means to make my accomplishments in revealing and teaching the Gospel of Christ a reality. What happened six days ago?
  March 2000 Newsletter

The New Year's Day for 2000 has come and gone and there was no catastrophe (except if the football team you wanted to win at one of the Bowl games in the USA lost to the other team). Really, the day was a time of rejoicing and rejuvenation for most people around the world. Yet as a historian I have the distinct feeling that the Years 1998 and 2000 will both go down in history as two of the most important years in the history of the world.
  February 2000 Newsletter

The year 2000 finds the world in the best economic condition it has ever been since the time of Solomon. Why do I select the time of "Solomon" as the example of world prosperity like we are now having at the start of this Time of the End? That is because Solomon was a "type of the Messiah" (Christ) and for his reign of 40 years, there was relative peace throughout the world [the word "Solomon" itself means "peace"].
  January 2000 Newsletter

The next ten to fifteen years will be some of the most important that mankind has ever experienced. Things that most people in the world have taken for granted regarding the type of society they have lived in, the kind of philosophies that have guided their lives, the mixture of politics that have become part and parcel of their living, and even the various religious beliefs that people have held sacrosanct and immovable in their minds are about to be shaken to the very foundations. And, NO, I am NOT speaking about the Y2K affair.

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