This page contains the index to the ASK Newsletters. The newsletters were formerly called the ASK Communicator. The document was renamed to the ASK Newsletter as that seemed to more accurately fit the document.

  December 2002 Newsletter

This month's advertised article is "The ?Great Generation' and Modern Prophecy." It is the last article written by Dr. Ernest Martin before his death on January 16, 2002. It represents his last thoughts on prophecy. It is likely that Dr. Martin intended to work on this article when he sat down at his computer before he died.
  November 2002 Newsletter

This month's article is titled "New Discoveries in Chronology and Prophecy." It comes from the edited transcript of an audiotape (not available for copying or distribution) presented by Dr. Martin in 1989. It is an excellent overview of issues regarding endtime prophecies and events, and the interplay between important sections in the books of Daniel and Revelation.
  October 2002 Newsletter

This month's articles are "The Rebirth of Babylon" written by Dr. Martin in 1975 and a related article, "Will Babylon be Rebuilt?" by F.E. Marsh. I spoke to Dr. Martin about the Marsh article in January 2002 on the Saturday before he died. He had not heard of the article or the writer and he wanted me to send it to him. I present this article to you now because it supplements information in Dr. Martin's own excellent article on a topic highly relevant to current events, and the future.
  September 2002 Newsletter

This month's article is titled "The 7 Miracles of John." Originally a taped lecture from 1976, the complete transcript is available on the ASK website along with the audio so you can "read-along" while you listen to Dr. Martin speak.
  August 2002 Newsletter

This month's articles are "Biblical Vows and their Present Significance" and "Is David's Throne in Existence Today?" I selected this first article as a comparison to a recent event where the Pledge of Allegiance was ruled unconstitutional by a 3-judge panel of 9th United States Circuit Court of Appeals. While the particulars of the case are not important (it likely will be overturned), several aspects of the pledge of allegiance need to be brought to your attention.
  July 2002 Newsletter

This month's article is called "The Prophetic Birth of Our Civilization." It discusses the important Axial Period of History that occurred at the time of Nebuchadnezzar. It explains Jeremiah's commission to Judah, Israel and the world. All the world changed because of the prophecies and fulfillments that occurred at that time. It is a fascinating story that will open large portions of the Bible to proper understanding.
  June 2002 Newsletter

Hellenistic cultural influences and "spiritualism" were the reasons that the religious observances, laws and traditions were so radically altered, so much so that by the time of Jesus Judaism was unrecognizable from the practices at the time of Nehemiah and Ezra. Leading the movement toward these changes was the sect of the Pharisees, which survived the Roman destruction of Jerusalem and Judah in 70 B.C.E., leading directly to modern Judaism in all its current forms.
  May 2002 Newsletter

This month's article by Ernest Martin is called "The Folly of Tradition." It discusses the role of tradition in life and in our spiritual lives. The purpose of tradition, and their companion actions called rituals, is for individuals to feel part of a community.
  April 2002 Newsletter

Many personal problems, even problems in our relationship with God, come from our not knowing and understanding who we are relative to our families, the larger world around us and in the universe of time and space?as children of God. There are many non-biblical ideas and concepts in the world that mistakenly tell us that we should identify ourselves with this family, group, idea, party or organization, when in fact we can know who we are, where we fit and what our future will be. So many people live lives of "quiet desperation" because they feel alone, abandoned, isolated, inadequate, without reference to a solid foundation in their lives. Basically, they don't know "who they are."
  March 2002 Newsletter

This newsletter lays the foundation for the latest doctrinal article "The Sacrificial System of Israel" now posted to the A.S.K. Web site and answers questions such as: Will A.S.K. continue following the death of Dr. Martin? Will there be new material produced to continue the work of A.S.K.? What new projects are being developed at A.S.K.?
  February 2002 Newsletter

In a plain straightforward manner Dr. Martin explains prayer and how it relates to God's will. Dr. Martin lived these words. This is as it should be. God frequently uses His answers to our prayers to enact His will in our lives. And sometimes He uses us as agents to fulfill His will for others, in answer to their prayers.
  January 2002 Newsletter

A new type of world is about to emerge on the scene and the churches and denominations will not know what to do with it. That civilization will be different than most people imagine. It will certainly surprise most church leaders when they see it happen. The preachers, evangelists and most theologians are totally unaware of what these new developments will bring.

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