This page contains the index to the ASK Newsletters. The newsletters were formerly called the ASK Communicator. The document was renamed to the ASK Newsletter as that seemed to more accurately fit the document.

  December 2003 Newsletter

Ho Ho Ho - learn not the way of the heathen! Do you compromise with Christmas celebrations? What is lawful and what is expedient? What is the wisdom of the Bible in these matters?
  November 2003 Newsletter

What do you know about Corinth? What is the action of the Holy Spirit in a Christian's life? What will happen when the truth of God explodes upon this earth? How was the temple built? What pattern or guide did Solomon use? Where did it come from?
  October 2003 Newsletter

This month's articles deal with topics that are related yet distinct, reconciliation and evil. Most of humanity experiences life without God, or worse, with God as an apparent enemy. In fact some have made the case that God must be the enemy of mankind. Evil is not a pleasant subject, but it is a very real part of all our lives at present until the resurrection from the dead. It is not uncommon for people to literally hate God because of the evil and suffering in the world.
  September 2003 Newsletter

Religion suppresses people and is a form of voluntary enslavement. The most complete form of slavery will come at the end of this age. The proper feeling should be absolute dependence on God, not on man or any intermediary between God and man, except the man Jesus Christ (1 Timothy 2:5). A dependent feeling causes people to desire to "do" things to please the one they depend upon. It is a form of social and moral control encouraged by leaders in society and even from our friends, neighbors, and families.
  August 2003 Newsletter

The book of Romans and the book of Galatians are at the heart of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Two studies by Ernest Martin, detail important aspects of the Gospel by analyzing these two books. These articles are put together this month as a "package" so you can see how they complement and reinforce each other, and so you can note the consistency of Dr. Martin's theological understanding through the decades, culminating in his book The Essentials of New Testament Doctrine.
  July 2003 Newsletter

Chronology is the topic of this message and chronology is important to history. By understanding the chronology of a particular people, nation, kingdom or empire it is possible to understand the relationships they have with other peoples, kingdoms and nations. The system of cause and effect worked in ancient times (just as it does in today's world) and distant events often had far-reaching effects.
  June 2003 Newsletter

Heaven, Hell, Universal Reconciliation. Why do the churches teach what they do?
  May 2003 Newsletter

God makes known His will. World events.
  April 2003 Newsletter

This lecture is being made on February 25, 1991, the third day of the land invasion of Kuwait by the coalition forces to extricate the army of Iraq from Kuwait. This subject is of utmost importance to all people who want to know what the prophetic future holds for Iraq, its people, and the whole of the Middle East and the world. We can know pretty accurately what will develop in that part of the Middle East because there are several prophecies in both the Old and New Testaments which have never been fulfilled, but they are destined to take place in the last generation of world history just prior to the Second Advent of Christ.
  March 2003 Newsletter

It is important to keep in mind that idolaters ? whether today or in the past ? never believed they were praying to or worshipping the idol or image. They always and clearly understood that they were praying or worshipping through the god that was represented by the idol or image.
  February 2003 Newsletter

Ancient Folk Religions. This newsletter discusses religious concepts and systems as they are actually practiced by the peoples of the world and why they practice what they do.
  January 2003 Newsletter

Death: The last Enemy.

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