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  December 2006 Newsletter

Good history and good news reporting answer basic questions about every event under their consideration. These basic questions that historians and reporters seek to answer are, the who, what, when, where, why, and how about every event. It is the historian's job to communicate answers to such questions to his or her audience. While the available information cannot always answer every one of those questions, historians strive to answer them as best they can.
  November 2006 Newsletter

In this month's article Dr. Martin questions whether God is guilty regarding the evils that befall mankind. God Himself causes some of those evils. Dr. Martin also asks whether we have a right to judge God. In fact, most people do judge God when they consider the problem of evil. They ask the question why do bad things happen? While examining these issues, God's complete involvement in "the problem of evil" is again seriously considered.
  October 2006 Newsletter

This month's article is special. It is nearly double the normal size, but I did not want to split the article over two months. The information contained in this article is so important that I wanted you to receive it in a single dose without interruption. It is written by me, and it represents my understanding and analysis of the evidence relating to the site of the Tombs, based on research presented to several groups over several years. During that period the information has been private but not secret.
  September 2006 Newsletter

The first human being to die, the person who has been dead longer than any other, was named Abel, murdered by his brother Cain. Abel in Hebrew is hebel, which means "vanity." Vanity, emptiness, and the futility of life are the main themes of the biblical book which is the subject of this month's article.
  August 2006 Newsletter

The predestination that God arranged for mankind (believers and unbelievers) is put forth plainly. Most people who believe in God feel that He loves them and cares for them. However, very few have any sense of how much God loves them, and you.
  July 2006 Newsletter

The subject of twins fascinates most people ? at least it fascinates those of us who are not twins. Research indicates that twins raised together have the closest relationship that any two human beings can possibly have, even closer than couples married a long, long time.
  June 2006 Newsletter

Belief in Jesus Christ as the resurrected Messiah is the very essence of what it means to be a Christian. That belief can only come from God. In other words God chose for you to believe the truth that Jesus was the Messiah.
  May 2006 Newsletter

The article this month follows on from an earlier article I wrote titled "Christ and Messiah." In that earlier article I showed that those who do not believe that Jesus is the promised Messiah of the Jews, which is the meaning of the term "Christ," do not truly understand what the Old Testament promises are all about. Those promises cannot be realized without Jesus being the Messiah.
  April 2006 Newsletter

Among nations in today's world it is considered a measure of industrial and economic power for a country to produce its own nuclear weapons, and to develop the means to deliver those weapons against its enemies. The government of Iran feels such weapons will bring them stature, respect, power, and even protection against other nations in the Middle East and the world.
  March 2006 Newsletter

Recap of the "Elijah to come" article. The Elijah to come will have available a solid foundation of reliable biblical information to use for his teaching. God will not have a "rediscovery" of the truth to occur at this time. The restoration of all things will be based on the Holy Scriptures understood according to the plain language of the common man. It started here in our day, it continues now, it will continue through all our efforts.
  February 2006 Newsletter

How is prophecy fulfilled? We find an excellent example of prophetic fulfillment with this month's article concerning "The Elijah to Come." As you read the article for this month ask yourself, what were the expectations and partial fulfillments in the past? How will the "Elijah to come" prophecies be totally fulfilled in the years yet future to us. Take note of how the Old Testament prophecies are stated (and what is not stated), what the participants and the audience of the time (the public) understood those prophecies to say, and what the true fulfillment was to those prophecies as they related to Jesus Christ in His first coming to this earth.
  January 2006 Newsletter

The Immortality of the Soul, Cullmann, Will Durant, Annual Receipts, Thank You.

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