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  December 2007 Newsletter

Egypt shall return to power, greatness, and wealth before Christ returns. How this will happen no one knows. At present Egypt is one of the poorest countries in the world with an unemployment rate of 15?25% composed of mostly young people. This is a highly volatile situation for any society, and Egypt is anything but stable. In fact, it is a country plagued by great popular unrest. Egypt's population is growing rapidly and the median age of that population is increasingly "younger."
  November 2007 Newsletter

There are times when the basics are important in life. Occasionally it is important to reexamine the basic premises of our beliefs and the reasons for our faith. This month's presentation is about just such essential information we all need to rehearse on occasion, the basic evidence for the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  October 2007 Newsletter

The words and presentation of this article are mine, but I am proud to acknowledge the immense debt I owe to Dr. Ernest Martin for my comprehension of the biblical doctrines as he taught them and as I present them. This biblical information directly reflects the profound work of Dr. Martin best expressed in depth in his book The Essentials of New Testament Doctrine. It is indeed a clear statement of the essentials of the teaching of the New Testament. It shows you the reason and the means by which God's plan of salvation will succeed ? everything comes from God the Father through Jesus Christ. You and I are "in Christ."
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  September 2007 Newsletter

This month's article is about the most symbolic book of the Bible, the Book of Revelation. Dr. Ernest Martin considered that the Book of Revelation was largely chronological in its format and that its prophecies were the skeleton upon which other major prophecies of the Bible attached themselves to flesh out the larger prophetic scenario. In other words, the Book of Revelation is the chronological framework for other prophecies in the Bible. It links other prophecies together. This is indeed the case.
  August 2007 Newsletter

The Song of Solomon, or as it often called the Song of Songs, is a unique book of the Bible as Dr. Martin describes in his article. Perhaps it is unique and difficult for commentators to agree on because the Song of Solomon has a large number of words that are of questionable or unknown meaning simply because they occur only once in the entire Old Testament. I know that many of you attend congregations that do not believe what you believe. You likely go to a "church" in which there are few members of the ekklesia of God. This is a fact for most all groups of people. However, if you go to a "church" (and especially if you are not learning anything of substance), begin asking questions of the teacher.
  July 2007 Newsletter

The Gospel of John is unique in history. It deals with subjects the other three Gospels do not discuss. Written by a man who some 50 years before he wrote the Gospel was a fisherman in the Sea of Galilee, was a disciple of John the Baptist (John 1:35), became one of the first six disciples of Christ (John 1:37?51), and then was one of the inner circle of twelve apostles. Given that background, it is surprising that John's Gospel is an extremely sophisticated literary work covering many repeating themes and issues, building to the climax of Jesus Christ's resurrection and later interactions with His disciples.
  June 2007 Newsletter

Did you ever notice how some young children resist moving ahead in life? It is inevitable that all move on and grow up; it is a biological imperative. We were created to grow and mature. However, some people refuse to reach out to new things and resist that growth. God wants us all to grow up so we can learn and appreciate His Word, His creation, and His plan in the eons (Hebrews 1:2) to the fullest extent possible in our present pre-resurrection life.
  May 2007 Newsletter

In the future, after God's grand plan of salvation for all mankind is completed, all of us will fully understand the extent to which God orchestrated times, events, and circumstances throughout His creation to fulfill His plan, even in minute detail and in surprisingly subtle ways. His orchestration will yield only the highest awe and praise from all of His creatures.
  April 2007 Newsletter

The subject of this month's article is Satan, his origin, and the non-biblical assumptions people make about him. Satan is an enemy, an adversary of mankind. At the same time he is a servant who is fulfilling God's will and purpose by his actions, however unwittingly he does so.
  March 2007 Newsletter

Idolatry is a willful act. It requires positive action on the part of human beings, overt positive action at that. This month's article focuses on the punishment that God metes out to the gods of the nations, the Sons of God, Psalm 89, Job chapters 1 and 2, and particularly Psalm 82. This small Psalm of 8 verses is packed with information that you will find interesting, and frightening.
  February 2007 Newsletter

The planning of creation by God, the Sons of God, the Daughters of Men, the Plan of God, Idolatry, and being a cheerful giver.
  January 2007 Newsletter

The thinking that you do about God is also the most important thinking that you will do during your life. Why? It is simply because the thinking you do about God ? His reality, His love, His nature, His attributes, His Messiah, and His acts of salvation for you in the past, present, and future ? all have a direct impact on your relationships with other people at this present moment (Proverbs 23:7).

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