This page contains the index to the ASK Newsletters. The newsletters were formerly called the ASK Communicator. The document was renamed to the ASK Newsletter as that seemed to more accurately fit the document.

  December 2008 Newsletter

This month's article discusses priorities. It is transcribed and edited from an audiotape Dr. Martin presented in 1996. In this article, Dr. Martin deals with the failure of churches to give their members what they need to grow spiritually and produce more mature members of the body of Christ. Churches today, and throughout history, have failed to use the one tool that would give spiritual satisfaction.
  November 2008 Newsletter

This month's article gives you a quick overview of all Old Testament history, and problems associated with secular history. Dr. Martin's article presents principles of historical interpretation for the Old Testament that many of you have not considered before, or forgot that you knew. You will be surprised when you read and realize "I knew that but never realized I knew it!" or "That's obvious now that it's explained." Finally, Dr. Martin breaks down Old Testament history into easy-to-remember periods to help you keep the chronology and sequence of the biblical narrative firmly in mind.
  October 2008 Newsletter

This month's article has important information for you to have a strong grasp of the issues involving the history put forth in the Bible. Unless you are well grounded in Old Testament history, many of its prophecies will make little sense. Similarly as well, some New Testament doctrines will be less clear and less significant unless you know Old Testament history.
  September 2008 Newsletter

The most important personal relationship you will ever have is the relationship between you and God the Father, your creator. You will ? literally ? spend eternity learning about Him and interacting with Him when appropriate.
  August 2008 Newsletter

This month's article, The Tribe of Benjamin, deals with the history of the Israelite patriarch and his descendants. He and the tribe start out badly, but later find a type of physical redemption. It is an interesting story how Benjamin changed throughout Old Testament history. The article also deals with the importance of place within the territory of the tribe of Benjamin.
  July 2008 Newsletter

On May 8, 2008 a significant article was published by Dr. George Friedman, the founder of Stratfor, a private intelligence company. Dr. Friedman's analytical article is titled "The Geopolitics of Israel, Ancient and Modern" that I am reprinting as the July 2008 ASK article.
  June 2008 Newsletter

The nature of God is basic to our thinking about the world, about life. If you think that God is an alien blob of loving energy, then your thinking about Him will be warped. On the other hand, if you think that we are made like God is, because God Himself wants us to be like He and Christ are, then we can relate to that. You are familiar with that. You can understand such a God, even though His ways pass all understanding.
  May 2008 Newsletter

A "figure" represents something. It is a means by which all thought is conveyed, whether by sounds (by voice or music) or by symbols (letters combined into words or musical notes into sounds), all communication begins with figures. The term "figure" originally applied to marks, lines, used to make a form or shape. All linguistic, mathematical, and musical figures begin by using marks.
  April 2008 Newsletter

Music was extremely important is ancient Israel. It was an integral part of the Temple ritual, particularly during the feast days. Passages from the Book of Psalms were not sung or performed in synagogues, but only in the Temple. Yet the Psalms were studied and discussed widely in the synagogues.
  March 2008 Newsletter

This month's article focuses on the prophecies of Jeremiah and Zechariah regarding end time events in and around the land of Israel and Jerusalem. Dr. Martin shows from Scripture some significant points that you will want to be aware of as we live our lives and observe predicted events unfold in the Middle East.
  February 2008 Newsletter

King David had a most remarkable life. I suppose his contemporaries would have considered him to be one of those "lucky" people for whom everything seems to go right in life. Whenever he was down and close to being out, circumstances quickly changed and he came out on top. He survived many close calls with death. He was a man of action but also subtle and wise, as well as a musician and a man of letters, one of the world's greatest poets.
  January 2008 Newsletter

For each of us the observance of the Ten Commandments is, as Shakespeare wrote, "a custom more honor'd in the breach than the observance" (Hamlet, Act 1, Scene 4). We cannot honor the law and break it at the same time. Yet at our heart (which is deceitful above all things, deceitful even to ourselves, Jeremiah 17:9?10) we all think we are basically "good."

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