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  December 2010 Newsletter

The study of the creation accounts in the Bible is always worthwhile. This month's article is "The Story of Creation" which was a small 1988 publication by Dr. Ernest L. Martin. This short article presents Dr. Martin's understanding of the Genesis creation accounts, how they differ, and how he understood them to be true. Then I present additional information that gives my perspective from the works of other researchers.
  November 2010 Newsletter

The Newsletter is shorter this month to give more space to the article: "Introduction to Ezekiel" by Dr. Ernest L. Martin. It starts, of course, with the awe-inspiring opening scene of God in His throne coming out of heaven. Only later does the apostle Paul tell us that the being on the throne is Christ, the firstborn of creation (and firstborn from the dead, Colossians 1:15?18; Revelation 3:14).
  October 2010 Newsletter

The Book of Jeremiah comes after Isaiah both in history and in the canonical order of Old Testament books. "Introduction to Jeremiah" by Dr. Ernest L. Martin is this month's presentation, along with additional information compiled by me. The Book of Jeremiah in turn sets the stage for important information in the Books of Ezekiel and Daniel. It is a collection of various prophecies intermixed with historical narrative. Jeremiah spoke and wrote to the kings and people of Judah before and just after the fall of Jerusalem.
  September 2010 Newsletter

The Book of Isaiah is a very sophisticated and even complex book of the Bible. It contains some history that is related in greater detail in portions of the Books of Second Chronicles and Second Kings. However, most of Isaiah is not a history. This month's article is an "Introduction to Isaiah" by Dr. Ernest L. Martin, with additional information by me that includes a useful chapter-by-chapter outline of the book. This material will acquaint you with essential yet basic information about this very important Old Testament book.
  August 2010 Newsletter

This month I thought it would be useful to look closely at four books by scholars, each approaching the subject of universal salvation from very different perspectives. Although there are many other books that have come available in the last few years, I feel that these four books reveal a trend in scholarly thought that may lead to a triumph of universal salvation becoming a dominant understanding about the destiny of man. The title of my article is "Modern Recognition of Universal Salvation."
  July 2010 Newsletter

I wrote this month's article "Christian in Name Only" as an encouragement. You might not feel that way as you begin reading it, but that was my intent. In the article I address God's warnings and punishments toward His children, His Ekklesia, because those warnings and punishments are real, sometimes severe, and are to be avoided. It may impact on when you are resurrected, and that may not be when Christ returns. The idea of being a "Christian in name only" denotes a false fa?ade, hypocrisy by someone professing to be a Christian. In this Newsletter I want to give a quick overview of "false brethren" as a sidelight to those who are "Christian in name only."
  June 2010 Newsletter

"Does God Have Feelings?" is the title of this month's article by Dr. Ernest L. Martin. It is transcribed from a March 1995 taped lecture. The quick answer to this question is "Yes, God does have feelings."
  May 2010 Newsletter

Prophecy is the subject for two articles this month. Prophecies by Moses are examined. They range widely from prophecies for Israel in the land of promise, prophecies for the time of Jesus, and prophecies to be fulfilled in a time future to us today. The second article is about false prophecy. How do you identify a false prophet?
  April 2010 Newsletter

The Megillot is a collection of five books of the Bible. They comprise five of the eleven wisdom books in the canon of our Old Testament. Each book of the Megillot was read during one of the important times of Israel's calendar year, and all five books were together in one scroll. The word Megillot itself means "roll." Four of the five occasions that the Megillot was read coincide with holiday festivals initiated by Moses. The compilation, organization, and the reading of the Megillot were organized by Ezra the priest after Israel's return from Babylon.
  March 2010 Newsletter

Paul himself avoided having his "conscience seared with a hot iron," which meant the cauterizing, burning and deadening of his conscience. I wish we all could make the claim about our consciences as did the apostle Paul when he was brought before the Sanhedrin. The location of the historical site of Rachel's Tomb is mentioned in Genesis and the site of the Tomb near Bethlehem is mentioned in Matthew chapter 2. Did Matthew make a mistake in the location? This subject suddenly is not as unimportant as you may think.
  February 2010 Newsletter

The nature of God's judgment upon mankind has been a subject of great interest and even concern to people throughout history. They want to know: what will happen to me, my family, friends, and acquaintances; and even what might happen to my enemies and the enemies of God when He judges the world with fire?
  January 2010 Newsletter

"Did Abraham Observe the Sabbath?" ? ever? The quick answer is no. Dr. Martin's article presents the clear, concise evidence that will surprise you with information you probably knew, but did not consider before as applicable to pre-Mosaic times.

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