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  December 2011 Newsletter

The ASK article this month, "Isaiah, Part 4," continues the study of the Book of Isaiah presented by Dr. Ernest L. Martin in audiotape lectures from 1998. In this article Dr. Martin discusses basic methods of expo?sition used by Isaiah and even how they were used and expanded by Jesus. Isaiah is well known for having many different types of literary styles of expression. This is not done to be clever or to trick the audience. The ultimate purpose is clarity and to enhance the understanding of the audience.
  November 2011 Newsletter

"Isaiah, Part 3" is this month's article, continuing Dr. Ernest L. Martin's series on Isaiah. In preparing this article I noted something interesting about the Antichrist and his false teachings that will come before the return of Christ. Of course, the Antichrist will mimic and attempt to be like the true Christ as much as possible. This means he will energetically and deliberately "fulfill" passages in the Book of Isaiah and other prophecies that tell of future actions of the true Christ Jesus. With that in mind, learn this fact: most of what the Antichrist and his false prophet will teach will be true and biblical. While this may seem surprising, understand that deception can be truly effective only if the deceiving message contains mostly truth.
  October 2011 Newsletter

The article this month, "Isaiah, Part 2," continues the study of the Book of Isaiah first presented by Dr. Ernest L. Martin in audiotape lectures in 1998. Again, like the first presentation, "Introduction to Isaiah," this material will greatly expand your knowledge of Isaiah the man, his prophetic message, and how that message was used in the New Testament, particularly by the apostle Paul.
  September 2011 Newsletter

"How to Be Happy" is the title of this month's article. Happiness is really a goal of each individual (even spirit beings, although I am concerned with humans). The Greek philosopher Aristotle is reported to have said: "Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence." This statement is only partially true, because Aristotle was not informed by God's revelation.
  August 2011 Newsletter

The title of this month's article uses a phrase that I do not like. The presentation by Dr. Ernest L. Martin is, "Does Man Have a Free Will?" from a 1983 audiotaped lecture that I transcribed and made into an article. This was the second article I have published about free will. The first was Dr. Martin's 1995 lecture titled "Free Will and Predestination." That article dealt specifically with salvation and its relation to free will.
  July 2011 Newsletter

Truth. It is an enigma for some, but it should not be mysterious for students of the Bible. Truth is precisely defined several ways depending on the context. Truth is the subject of this month's presentation by Dr. Ernest L. Martin titled "What Is Truth?" It is an article with information combined from two lectures by Dr. Martin from the late 1970s. In this newsletter I take a quick survey of "truth" in the Bible.
  June 2011 Newsletter

As I write these words in June of 2011, several countries in the Middle East are in turmoil and the nation of Syria is experiencing what may be a revolution leading to a change of regime. God is paying particular attention to what happens in Syria and Damascus. Why? Because it is one of God's domiciles, like Jerusalem. You would know that fact if you had read Dr. Ernest L. Martin's article "The Damascus Phase of End-Time Prophecy" in the past. Now I want you to read that article again.
  May 2011 Newsletter

This month's article is about the topic of giving. It is from a taped presentation by Dr. Ernest L. Martin from 1992 titled "How to Give to God." As usual, you as an individual, you as a believer, are the greatest beneficiary from any aspect of your relationship to God. This is how God has established His plan for you in creation. Believe it or not, as the saying goes, it is indeed "all about you." You are the prime beneficiary of any and all giving that you do, whether you give to God, to your brothers and sisters in Christ, to your physical family, or to your neighbor near to you.
  April 2011 Newsletter

The article this month is "The Origin and Goal of Western Civilization, Part 2" by Dr. Ernest L. Martin. Like Part 1 from last month the material is from a 1986 audiotape, along with written material from 1995. This month's information carries forward the historical narrative about the recognition of YHWH's supremacy as the only God that matters. This concept is obvious only to us in our current day and age.
  March 2011 Newsletter

The article this month is "The Origin and Goal of Western Civilization" by Dr. Ernest L. Martin. It is from a 1986 audio?tape, along with a portion of written material from 1995. One-world government and one-world religion is the subject of this enlightening article, which is a concern to many religious people, partic?ularly Christians. There are many who believe that a conspiracy exists to drive the world toward a single governmental structure. You may have to modify your view of the world after you read this article.
  February 2011 Newsletter

This month's article is "Geography in Scripture" by Dr. Ernest L. Martin. Events in the Bible occurred in real physical settings and involved people who walked in places that are known and accessible today. In Scripture the location of an event is often as important as the details of the event, and spiritual teaching can be communicated by where an event happens. In both the Old and New Testaments much space is given to the description of geographical details, far beyond what would be required to point out symbolism.
  January 2011 Newsletter

This month's article is "Who Was Melchizedek?" This article is in response to questions about Dr. Martin's views on this subject, which he developed over time. In fact, Dr. Martin wrote a number of articles that are on the ASK website that mention Melchizedek. The identity of Melchizedek is not easy to determine. Most scholars deal with non-biblical material when it is not necessary, although the material is useful for historical background. This unnecessarily compli?cates and sometimes obscures the evidence.

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