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  December 2012 Newsletter

There are two articles this month. The first is by Dr. Ernest Martin titled "How to Worship God," from a short article he wrote in 1975. The second article is by me titled "Questions and Answers." It presents some of my answers to questions on varied topics over time.
  November 2012 Newsletter

Most everything you do is influenced by the customs of your society and culture. That is the subject of this month's presentation by Dr. Ernest Martin. It is titled "Social Customs Versus Biblical Law." This article explains how to deal with customs and traditions in relation to what God requires of each one of us.
  October 2012 Newsletter

"The Book of Hosea" is this month's presentation by Dr. Ernest L. Martin. As the first book of the Minor Prophets, the Book of the Twelve, it sets the stage for the rest of the prophecies. The men who gave the prophetic messages compiled into the Minor prophets likely preached warning and repentance to the two nations of Israel and Judah just as much as did the major prophets, Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel. Do not think that they are less important or weaker personalities. All we can know is that fewer of their prophecies have been put into the Old Testament canon.
  September 2012 Newsletter

"The Minor Prophets for Today" is this month's presentation by Dr. Ernest L. Martin. It is packed with detailed information about the Book of the Twelve, the Minor Prophets. This group of documents is the Word of YHWH passed through twelve different persons. It should be considered a single book compiled from twelve segments.
  August 2012 Newsletter

"What Is Important" is the title of this month's article. I wrote this essay so you will consider several important aspects of God's creation. Nations and the spirit realms are the parts of God's creation comprised of individuals. These individuals have self-aware intelligence. These individuals form groups of two or more. The groups act differently than they do as individuals. They have a different dynamic and different priorities than individuals. I examine what is important to different groups.
  July 2012 Newsletter

"The Antinomy of the Bible" is the article for this month by Dr. Ernest L. Martin from a 1975 audiotape. For those of you, like me, who were unaware of the word "antinomy" and its meaning, the Random House Dictionary 2012 definition is twofold: "1. opposition between one law, principle, rule, etc., and another. 2. Philosophy: a contradiction between two statements, both apparently obtained by correct reasoning." The second definition does not involve the biblical usage discussed in Dr. Martin's article, which should not be a surprise. Philosophy contributes little to our understanding of the Bible. This is because the information from the Bible comes from divine revelation and not from human reason. The biblical revelation is not opposed to reason, of course, but the Bible does not derive its authority from reason. God's thoughts are unbelievably sophisticated and deeper than ours.
  June 2012 Newsletter

"Ezekiel, Part 2" is this month's article, continuing from the first part, "Introduction to Ezekiel." (Refer to that article for outlines of Ezekiel and other background information of this important prophetic book.) Dr. Ernest L. Martin's presentation continues to use Ezekiel as a basis for an extended discussion about the presence of God in the tabernacle and temple of Israel, how God's glory departed from the Temple, and how it came to reside in each believer by virtue of God's Holy Spirit. It is God's Spirit being resident within each one of us that makes each of us a Temple of God, just as the apostle Paul states.
  May 2012 Newsletter

There are two articles this month. The first is "Jeremiah, Part 4," a prophetic article by Dr. Ernest L. Martin from December 1999, originally given as a taped lecture. The prophecies of Jeremiah are closely linked to the sabbatical years, both in the 70 years of exile as well as the 490 years expansion in Daniel chapter 9 given by Gabriel to Daniel. "The Book of Lamentations" is the second article. It is a doctrinal article that analyzes this prophetic book. Written by the prophet Jeremiah, Lamenta?tions is composed of five prophetic poems. I analyze the book for its teachings as an historical document and not for its future prophecies.
  April 2012 Newsletter

"Jeremiah, Part 3" is this month's article by Dr. Ernest L. Martin. This article was first presented in November 1999 as a taped lecture and it focuses on a central prophecy given to Jeremiah about the 70 years exile of the people from the land of Judea and Jerusalem, and on the 70 years prophecy of Jeremiah. The prophecies of God through Jeremiah are interwoven throughout the fabric of prophetic scriptures in both the Old and New Testament.
  March 2012 Newsletter

"The Breakup of the Soviet Union" is this month's ASK article by Dr. Ernest L. Martin. This wide-ranging presentation begins with a discussion about how the political situation of the old Soviet Union could not be present in the generation before Christ's return. The points Dr. Martin makes about the Soviet Union are also relevant to the current situation in Communist China, North Korea, Cuba, and in other communist or even repressive countries, including intolerant Muslim ruled countries. Freedom of religion, freedom of thought and expression are necessary for the propagation of the Gospel of God to the world before Christ returns, as Dr. Martin will show.
  February 2012 Newsletter

"Jeremiah, Part 2" is the article this month by Dr. Ernest L. Martin. It was first presented in October 1999 as a taped lecture. It surveys all the writings by Jeremiah (and there are more than you might suppose). To fully understand the messages of God given through Jeremiah, messages even for our time today, we need to know about and read all that Jeremiah wrote. First, read the accounts that include Jeremiah in 2 Chronicles 35:11 through chapter 36 to understand the context of the times he lived in, the events that affected his countrymen of Judah and Israel as well as all the nations of the world. Then read Jeremiah's own works; it is a large body of data.
  January 2012 Newsletter

"The Antichristian Doctrine of the Trinity" is this month's article from an audiotaped lecture that Dr. Ernest L. Martin presented in October 1993. This article may offend some people, perhaps many people. That is unfortunate because the doctrine of the Trinity is not biblical. The Trinity is supposedly a basic teaching, a foundational doctrine of Christianity. Such a bedrock teaching should be able to withstand provocative and challenging examination. It cannot. Yet belief and acceptance of the Trinity practically defines whether your belief in God is orthodox or heretical. This is true for most of Christianity. The Trinity is an antichrist doctrine.

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