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  December 2013 Newsletter

If you search the internet for the word "Nephilim" you get 1,250,000+ webpages which deal with that subject. Many people around the world are interested in the Nephilim. The article I wrote this month is titled, "Who Are the Nephilim?" One key to the subject of the Nephilim has to do with their parentage. Their fathers are Sons of God and their mothers are daughters of adam (Genesis 6:1?4). Both groups (Nephilim and Sons of God) are male. No females of either group are written about in Scripture. Most every biblical commentator who deals with Genesis, from the early church fathers to the present day, tries to explain who are the Sons of God and who are the Nephilim.
  November 2013 Newsletter

"[S]ensitive persons live as much in the past or the future, as in the present." This statement is from the book Ten Years Later, one of the later volumes in the long "d'Artagnon" saga of books by Alexandre Dumas. It stimulated me to reflect. It is a good thing to think about the past and the future, if for no other reason that such thought influences your present life. Christians probably think more about the past than most people, and they certainly think about the future (and the future of others) in regard to God's future acts and resurrections. So in general, I would say believing Christians think more about the past, present, and the future than most people.
  October 2013 Newsletter

This month's article for October 2013 is "The Book of Habakkuk" by Dr. Ernest Martin. In this article Dr. Martin explains this short, three-chapter Book of the Minor Prophets with information you will find nowhere else. I then add material from commentators whose work I admire and trust. No one knows what the name "Habakkuk" means, although it seems to mean "embrace," though that meaning has no apparent relevance to his prophecy or to his relationship with God. Does the meaning of his name indicate that Habakkuk or his people Israel will be "embraced" by God? Perhaps, but no one knows for sure.
  September 2013 Newsletter

"In Search of King Solomon's Temple" is the article for September 2013. This article was written by George Wesley Buchanan, a long-time scholar-friend of Dr. Ernest Martin. This article covers a somewhat different line of approach to the research about the Temple, but Professor Buchanan reaches the same conclusion: the site of the Jewish Temples was above and west of the Gihon Spring, and Fort Antonia was on the Haram esh-Sharif platform where the Dome of the Rock and the Al-Aqsa Mosque are today.
  August 2013 Newsletter

The article for August 2013 is "The Book of Nahum." Dr. Ernest Martin explains that the background and the object of Nahum's prophecy is Nineveh, the capital city of the Assyrian Empire. In this seventh of the Twelve Minor Prophets, Nahum presents the last message dealing with the period of the Assyrian hegemony over Judah and the nations in the Middle East. After Nahum, the next two books focus on the kingdom and empire of Babylon. It was the Babylonians which led a company of nations to conquer Assyria and the capture of Nineveh. Nahum's prophecies were fulfilled just as God said they would be.
  July 2013 Newsletter

"The Book of Micah" is the article for July 2013. Dr. Ernest Martin discusses the background and the primary messages conveyed by Micah. In this Book of the Twelve, Micah's message is to both the people of Israel and Judah, but it seems as though his primary audience was Judah, because Israel in the north was either soon to be lost, or was destroyed already. While a precise date of Micah's composition is uncertain (even though verse 1:1 dates it originally within the reigns of three kings of Judah), commentators note that it appears to have been "edited" several times which complicates its study by scholars.
  June 2013 Newsletter

"Jonah and the New Testament" is the subject of this month's article. Last month Dr. Martin's presentation dealt with the background of "The Book of Jonah." This month, in a follow-up presentation, he shows how the messages of Jonah's story, the subject of repentance, and the inclusion of Gentiles into salvation is shown in the narratives of Jesus and Peter in the New Testament.
  May 2013 Newsletter

"The Book of Jonah" by Dr. Ernest L. Martin is this month's article. This 5th book of the Twelve Minor Prophets shows a highly intricate composition. It has many themes running through it which, when recognized, will open your understanding to the message in this book. Dr. Martin's explanation will "open" the Book of Jonah to you.
  April 2013 Newsletter

There are two issues I will discuss in this Newsletter. The first is to announce the release of a new historical DVD based on Dr. Ernest Martin's research. The second is to tell you a bit about this month's article, "The Book of Obadiah."
  March 2013 Newsletter

This month's article, "Matters of Prophecy in Daniel," focuses mainly on analyzing "The Scripture of Truth" presented in Daniel 10:21, 11:2?12:4. Daniel was well acquainted with visions, his own and those of others, but he had questions about his last vision. God answered his questions. This core prophecy describes a vision by Daniel himself. He tells us about it in Daniel 10:1, but he did not comprehend the scope, the significance, or the full implications of what he saw. Daniel understood his lack, and prayed and fasted to God to obtain more information. God sent help.
  February 2013 Newsletter

"The Book of Amos" is the subject of this month's article. The greater portion of this article is the transcript from a 1996 lecture by Dr. Ernest L. Martin. I added additional material about Amos at the end. In this Newsletter I want to give information about three references to God's power in creation discussed in Amos. This information is presented with knowledge of other biblical creation accounts in Genesis, Job, Psalm 104, and other books of the Old Testament.
  January 2013 Newsletter

"The Book of Joel" is the title and subject of this month's article by Dr. Ernest L. Martin. He begins by discussing the understanding of the Book of Joel presented by the apostle Peter at Pentecost. This may seem to be an unusual way of approaching an Old Testament book of the Bible, rather than going directly into the text of Joel itself, but Dr. Martin's approach focuses on the importance of the message of Joel in Peter's time, and to our future.

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