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  December 2015 Newsletter

This month's article is "Israel and Judah: 14. David's Life Nears its End." It continues the saga of the two portions of Israel (Israel and Judah) which will eventually split into two kingdoms. The article tells about King David's last days. In this Newsletter I want to talk about a mysterious object called "the tabernacle of David." It is first mentioned in 2 Samuel chapter 6
  November 2015 Newsletter

"Signs in the heavens" is the topic of this month's article titled "The Asteroid Destruction: Its Timing and Purpose." A major sign in the heavens is to occur in the future involving an asteroid with a unique shape that obviously will not be natural. The combined efforts of mankind will not divert it from hitting the earth. It will strike our planet. It will be a sign of doom to many on the entire earth.
  October 2015 Newsletter

This month's article presents to us heroes and also King David as evildoer. It is titled, "Israel and Judah: 13. Mighty Men and the Census." Each of us can be a hero, but a heroism not recognized by the world. Are You a Hero? As much as some may not like to consider it, each of us is at war, but a different kind of war: "Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might. Put on the whole armor of God, [why?] that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil." Read the Newsletter for the rest of the story.
  September 2015 Newsletter

This month's article continues the saga of the kingdoms of Israel and Judah. The two are still unified under King David. Having survived unification wars, foreign wars, and two major rebellions, David wrote a song of thanksgiving to God. I discuss that song in this month's article: "Israel and Judah: 12. David's Special Song."
  August 2015 Newsletter

This month's article is a departure from the "Israel and Judah" series of articles. "God and Demographics" is the title of the Doctrinal article for this month.
  July 2015 Newsletter

Part 11 is this month's article, "Israel and Judah: 11. David's Restoration as King." Absalom's rebellion has been crushed (with very little help from the people of Israel or Judah). With God's blessing and help, David's own resources and assistance from friends and allies saw David through to victory ? again. All through the process there is pain for David. There are times when he can barely function. There are times when others have to figuratively "kick him in the butt."
  June 2015 Newsletter

This month's article is part 10 of the series, titled "Israel and Judah: 10. The End of Absalom." The rebellion of Absalom comes to a crisis. In Jerusalem, Absalom convenes his advisory council with two particularly wise advisors on how to best defeat King David's small military force. The deposed King David is a very dangerous and resourceful man who escaped across the Jordan River with his army. Intrigue by everyone concerned comes forth, culminating ? as usual ? in a climactic battle.
  May 2015 Newsletter

This month's article is part 9 of the series. It is titled "Israel and Judah: 9. Rape and Murder." It deals with relationships within King David's family. As presented in the Book of Second Samuel, these problems result from God punishing David for his adultery with Bathsheba and David's murder of her husband Uriah the Hittite. David repented and God showed mercy, but God still imposed punishments upon him.
  April 2015 Newsletter

The narrative of this month's portion deals with the siege of the city of Rabbah and what occurs during that period of time in Jerusalem between King David, Uriah the Hittite, and his wife Bathsheba. God's punishment on David is pronounced and carried out. "Israel and Judah: 8. Bathsheba and Rabbah" is the title of this month's article. Rabbah is a city of the Ammonites in present-day Jordan. Bathsheba and David's adultery is probably known to most of you.
  March 2015 Newsletter

"Israel and Judah: 7. Conspiracy and War" is this month's article on biblical history. King David continues to protect the Kingdom of Israel from outside threats. This should not surprise anyone who has been following this series, or is familiar with the life of King David as leader of Israel. After all, this is what YHWH promised as part of His covenant with King David. He would cause King David to eventually overcome all his enemies.
  February 2015 Newsletter

There are two Doctrinal articles this month. Both are from audio presentations by Dr. Ernest L. Martin. I decided to take a break (and give you a break) from the history articles on Israel and Judah. Both articles deal with the way biblical characters thought differently than we do today. The goals and thoughts of mankind during the long span of biblical times was very different than today.
  January 2015 Newsletter

This month's article is the sixth installment of the biblical history of Israel and Judah, titled "Israel and Judah: 6. David's Foreign Wars." The kingdom is united under King David and God chose to covenant with David as an individual. David begins military campaigns, taking Israelite armies outside its immediate borders to expand control of Israel to the limits declared by God to Abraham and Moses. When Israel expands its range of control, it does not mean it will occupy that entire area, but the people of Israel will eventually control all that territory.

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