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  December 2016 Newsletter

"Israel and Judah: 21. Good Kings, Bad Kings" is the title of this month's article. The texts "jump around" because later texts of Kings discuss events that happen before earlier texts. Therefore I arranged this article in a rough chronological order following the kingly line of Judah. The texts of Kings and Chronicles are not always chronological, and we should not impose our historical standards onto the text. But the texts can be understood, and the narrative clarified, to demonstrate how Kings and Chronicles inform each other.
  November 2016 Newsletter

As I write these words the national elections in the United States are days away. The word "conspiracy" has been used by the press and by both major candidates for President of the United States. This concept of conspiracy is the subject of this month's doctrinal article, "Conspiracy in Scripture." As you will read, conspiracies have been part of human interaction throughout history.
  October 2016 Newsletter

Rebellion, murder, and war are the subjects of this month's article "Israel and Judah: 20. Civil War and Division." The events described led to the breakup of the united kingdom of Israel and its descent to eventual destruction. God is in total control of every step downward. As you read about the idolatry of King Rehoboam of Judah and King Jeroboam of Israel, think of their idolatry as an invitation for God to punish His chosen people, exactly as He said He would do if the people of Israel violated their covenant with Him.
  September 2016 Newsletter

One of my functions as editor of Dr. Martin's works is to clarify his teachings where necessary. Another of my functions is to update his teachings. One effective way for me to do this is to reformat articles so the teaching comes forth with greater clarity and updates are placed where needed. The article for September is "The Strange Ending to Sotah." If you read it before, you probably said to yourself, "Interesting, but complex." I hope that with the new notes and formatting it will still be interesting but more readable. Hopefully you will better understand the thinking of some Jewish religious leaders after Jesus' crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension in 30 AD.
  August 2016 Newsletter

The narrative of the glory, greatness, sin, and death of King Solomon is the subject of this month's article "Israel and Judah: 19. Solomon's Glory and Death." King Solomon's wisdom did not keep him from sinning. His knowledge was not enough, his understanding was not enough, and his wisdom was not enough for him to avoid sinning. Solomon's great wisdom was given to him as a gift from God Himself, but his wisdom was still influenced by his flesh and worldly affairs. As a result, it seems Solomon did not live as long as his father King David who lived an extremely active and dangerous life, suffering many injuries in battle, yet Solomon's reign was peaceful, without any record of revolutions, invasions by foreign armies, famines, plagues, or natural disasters.
  July 2016 Newsletter

Prophecy in general is the subject of this month's article: "Modern Prophecy: 1977, 2016." It deals with varied information about prophecy and its complexity, by Dr. Ernest Martin and by me.
  June 2016 Newsletter

This month's article is "Israel and Judah: 18. Temple Interior and Dedication." YHWH allowed the Temple to be built by King Solomon of Israel. His father, King David, received specific instructions from YHWH (in God's own handwriting!) as to the Temple's specifications and what adornments to put inside and out. This month's article shows that Solomon fulfilled God's orders given through David.
  May 2016 Newsletter

"Saudi Arabia, a Failing Kingdom" is this month's article. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is under great pressure with many economic and political problems so severe that this important Muslim nation may descend into the kind of chaos other Arab countries have experienced in recent years. The title is from a reprint article written by strategic analyst George Friedman and economics analyst John Mauldin. Anarchy could be a real possibility if Saudi Arabia's problems get out of hand, and many of the 4,000+ members of the Saudi royal family will leave their country to preserve their personal wealth. The failure of Saudi Arabia as a nation would be the first Arab monarchy to suffer the chaos of the Arab Spring revolutions.
  April 2016 Newsletter

"Israel and Judah: 17. Solomon's Early Reign" is the title of this month's article. It covers Solomon's empire, his wealth and power, his reputation for wisdom, his final preparations for the Temple, his relationship with Hiram, King of Tyre, construction of the Jewish Temple, and some of his other building projects, such as his palace. He seems to be a success.
  March 2016 Newsletter

"The King is dead; long live the King!" is a traditional European response to news of the death of one ruler and the ascension to the throne of another. This month's article deals with the same subject, the transition of rulers "Israel and Judah 16: David Dies, Solomon Reigns." Every kingdom goes through the transitions, and one goal of the old ruler usually is to have the transition go as smoothly as possible so the kingdom will not be disrupted. In the United States, one of the hallmarks of our representative government is the smooth transition from one administration to another on all levels of government. Countries with other forms of government have different kinds of problems.
  February 2016 Newsletter

"Sudden Mass Murder" is the title and subject of this month's article. It discusses a terrible act in history that was very likely copied from an earlier event in the Bible. This terrible action, carried out and causing the death of thousands, was committed by seemingly normal people who were suddenly commanded to viciously commit murder in the name of "liberty" against the hated Romans (who were truly oppressive, by the way), and this happened during the days of the Roman republic, before the even more oppressive Roman Empire.
  January 2016 Newsletter

Transitions are always tense for governments, even though they happen often due to human frailty and mortality. Preparations for a governmental transition is still the subject of this month's article, "Israel and Judah: 15. David Organizes for Solomon." After arranging for all the wealth and supplies necessary for building the Temple of God, David then organized the people to administer all aspects of the Temple operation: the Levites, the Aaronic priests, the musicians and singers, the treasurers, gatekeepers, security ? everything David could think of to make construction and procedures of the Temple operate smoothly. Unfortunately the narratives of the transitions of the [later to be divided] kingdoms of Israel and Judah, often resulted in chaos, wars, destruction, and death for thousands. David tries to prevent such an eventuality.

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