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  December 2017 Newsletter

The southern Kingdom of Judah and the northern Kingdom of Israel are the scenes of this month? article, ?srael and Judah: 27. Elisha and the Rise of Jehu.?Elisha is again a major character driving events, as God works through His prophet. The destinies of kingdoms and dynasties are being determined behind the scenes. Then comes the Cast of Characters.
  November 2017 Newsletter

What does Inspiration of the Scriptures mean? What role did inspiration play in the development of the New Testament? How did the New Testament writers use their inspiration to quote and cite the Old Testament? How did the New Testament writers recognize prophecies fulfilled in Christ? This month? two-part article by Dr. Ernest Martin will address these issues. It is composed from two audiotapes from 1992 and 1980, together titled, God's Inspiration Made Clear.
  October 2017 Newsletter

The northern Kingdom of Israel is the scene of this month's article, "Israel and Judah: 26. God's Miracles through Elisha the Prophet." Elisha is the major character, yet God is the one who works behind the scenes through Elisha.
  September 2017 Newsletter

Two articles by Dr. Ernest Martin are combined this month into one: "The Repentance of God, and Influencing God." Repentance is the act or process of repenting. With people the word "repent" means, "to turn from sin and dedicate oneself to the amendment of one's life" (Miriam-Webster Dictionary, 2017). Biblically, the terms "repent" and "repentance" do not exclusively have a relationship to sin. Of course, God does not sin, but God does repent. In the New Testament, the words simply mean, "to change one's mind," sometimes with reference to sin, and sometimes with regret.
  August 2017 Newsletter

Continuing the saga of the divided ancient Israelite kingdoms is the topic of the article for this month, "Israel and Judah: 25. Jehoshaphat and Other Kings." Kings, prophets, rebellion, and wars are a continuing theme. Rulers disobey God, and the people suffer. When the people disobey, the nation receives God's punishments and eventually disaster and exile ? but that is in the future for both the kingdoms of Israel and Judah.
  July 2017 Newsletter

A 1990 tape "Salvation and the Kingdom of God" by Dr. Ernest L. Martin is the substance of this month's article. We can gain insight from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary definition of these two elements of the title. What is salvation? What is a kingdom? Salvation and Kingdom are not two sides of the same doctrinal coin.
  June 2017 Newsletter

Events of this month's article occurred in the ancient Middle East of northern Syria. Today, battles are fought in the same locations spoken of in these Scriptures. One such event was a major battle that took place in the territory of modern northern Syria with a coalition of nations (kingdoms in ancient times) fighting against the brutal expansive Assyrian empire. One of its capitals was the city of Nineveh, one of the greatest cities in the ancient world's. Nineveh, now a wasteland and archaeological site, lies across the Tigris River from the modern city of Mosul, the second largest city in Iraq. The June 2017 article is "Israel and Judah: 24. Jehoshaphat and Ahab's Death." The action revolves around two leaders of Israelite people, contrasting an evil ruler, King Ahab of Israel, and a good ruler, King Jehoshaphat of Judah.
  May 2017 Newsletter

When you read this month's article "Why Does God Allow War" transcribed from an audiotape by Dr. Ernest L. Martin, you may think that the title does not fit the subject. But read the article to the end and you will see that Dr. Martin's message is profound and does indeed have to do with war. War is one of mankind's greatest evils, whether wars between men or war that God inflicted (in the flood) or will inflict upon men in the future (the wrath of God). All wars, and all evil, have to do with the sovereignty of God. God causes evil, as you will read, and He is responsible for all evil that occurs.
  April 2017 Newsletter

This month's article is "Israel and Judah: 23. King Ahab's Decline." The text is exclusively from the Book of First Kings chapters 19 to 21, with no mention of these events in the Book of Second Chronicles. The story focuses on King Ahab of the apostate northern Kingdom of Israel, continuing the ways of his ancestors to worship other gods besides YHWH.
  March 2017 Newsletter

The article this month "Star of Bethlehem: Jeff Rense Interviews Ernest Martin" is sort of an introduction to Dr. Ernest Martin's book, "The Star That Astonished the World: The Star of Bethlehem." What prompted the Magi to go to Jerusalem and seek out the Messiah? This article explains.
  February 2017 Newsletter

"Israel and Judah: 22. Evil Kings of Israel" is the title of this month's article. The text is exclusively from the Book of First Kings chapters 16 to 18, with no information from or reference to events in the Book of Chronicles or any other biblical book. The story deals with four kings of the northern Kingdom of Israel. King Asa of Judah is mentioned only by referral to years of his reign.
  January 2017 Newsletter

This Newsletter will be short because of an extended article this month: "Gihon Temple Evidence: Jeff Rense Interview of Ernest Martin." The show was broadcast on November 5, 2000.

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