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  August 2019 Newsletter

In this month's article, "Israel and Judah: 35. Reforms of King Hezekiah," the Passover during Hezekiah's first year as King of Judah is a central focus of this narrative. Read Exodus chapters 12 and 13 for background about the original Passover before the children of Israel left Egypt. These instructions from God through Moses were modified in Deuteronomy once a sanctuary had become the central focus of Israelite life and culture. Hezekiah's goal in all his reformation acts was to return to the ritual and religious purity and practices of Mosaic times (2 Kings 18:6).
  July 2019 Newsletter

This month's article is titled "Bible Pairs." A Bible pair is two or more books of Scripture related to each other in at least one significant way. Sometimes the connection is obvious as in the pair of epistles of First and Second Corinthians, where the author is the same and the second epistle refers to the first. Sometimes the connection is less obvious. For example, the connections between the Book of Genesis and Chronicles, in which one aspect of the connection between the two books is due to the placement on either end of the list of books of Hebrew canon in the Old Testament.
  June 2019 Newsletter

At the beginning of this month's article I wrote, "Prayer is direct communication. It is your personal communication with God your Father." God's word ?the Bible, the Holy Scriptures ?are God's direct communication back to your mind from God our Father. This two-way communication is not as supernatural as you may think.
  May 2019 Newsletter

"The Coming Revolution in Knowledge" is the article for May. It addresses the changes that will occur in the world as God makes His presence known to the world and to His people Israel. He will do so through miraculous acts of salvation that the world will not deny, but will say to themselves and to each other, "God exists. Now what do we do? How then should we live?" The same situation will occur to the people of Israel, and particularly those in the city of Jerusalem. The "coming revolution" will begin from there, and its impact will be powerful and widespread, even to encompass most all people on the globe.
  April 2019 Newsletter

The article this month is "Israel and Judah: 34. Death of the Kingdom of Israel." It details the destruction of the Kingdom of Israel. The kings and people of Israel disobeyed God? instructions and Covenant, which had severe consequences for their disobedience beginning when ten tribes broke away from the three southern tribes of Judah, Benjamin, and Levi that remained, with Jerusalem as their capital.
  March 2019 Newsletter

The ASK article this month is by independent author Marilyn Sams and the full title of her article is "How the Siege of Titus Locates the Temple Mount in the City of David." Ms. Sams' collection and analysis of evidence of the location of Fort Antonia over several years has reinforced her own conclusion that Fort Antonia was and is the Haram esh-Sharif, the erroneous traditional site of the temple mount.
  February 2019 Newsletter

The article for February 2019 is "Response to Gihon Temple Objections." I respond to two objectors of the Gihon Temple location of the Jewish Temples. I wanted to comment on 4, 5, or 6 opposers, but I limited this month? article to two: Hillel Richman, archaeologist, and Chaim Richman, International Director of the Temple Mount Institute of Jerusalem. They spoke in November 2018 in Arkansas and Texas to confront what many of you think is true, that the Temples of Israel were not on the traditional site of the ?emple mount,?the Haram esh-Sharif. I respond to Hillel? objections and then present the comments of Chaim Richman.
  January 2019 Newsletter

Two doctrinal articles are presented this month: ?emory in Luke?and ?urther Decline of the Churches.?These articles are not connected to each other, but each is interesting. First, ?emory in Luke.?Luke, the beloved physician (Colossians 4:14), compiled sources to present what witnesses of the acts of Jesus reported during His time on earth as Immanuel (which means ?od with us,?from Isaiah 7:14, 8:8. Luke? sources were common people who observed the life and ministry of Jesus. Second, ?urther Decline of the Churches.?Christian churches are failing at an increasing rate. Declining membership, loss of revenue, and the sale of the church buildings are happening around the world. This article documents this decline.

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