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Israel and Judah: 33. Isaiah and the Death of Ahaz - December 2018

Ahaz of Judah, one of the most evil kings of Judah, continues his 16-year reign. Ahaz and Judah have survived the onslaught of the armies of Syria and Israel, but the Kingdom of Judah is badly damaged. The Assyrians enter the picture as noted in the last episode "Israel and Judah: 32. Jotham and Ahaz of Judah." Yet YHWH has chosen Ahaz to receive a most important prophecy. True to form, he rejects wanting to learn about the prophecy and then offends YHWH even more.

Israel and Judah: 32. Jotham and Ahaz of Judah - October 2018

King Uzziah (Azariah) of Judah has died. Uzziah's reign was peaceful and he was a good king, except he made the serious mistake of entering the Temple. YHWH punished Uzziah with leprosy. His son Jotham now reigns as a good king. Judah is a prosperous kingdom, with Jotham as its powerful king, peace with its neighbors continues during most of his 16-year reign. Jotham's death gives way to one of the most evil kings, Ahaz of Judah, who also rules 16 years.

Israel and Judah: 31. Prophets, Writings, and Kings - August 2018

This episode begins the interplay of three prophets with the Kings of Israel and Judah. Those three prophets wrote books of the Bible. Their relationship and interaction with the Israel and Judah saga is examined. Then the reigns of the last six kings of the Kingdom of Israel over 42 years are given in just 34 verses. Dated from the reign of Azariah (Uzziah) of Judah, the kings and people of Israel fell deeper into disobedience and idolatry. YHWH? patience ended as His prophets were rejected.

Israel and Judah: 30. Kings Amaziah & Uzziah of Judah - June 2018

Both Amaziah and Uzziah were judged to be "good kings" by the writers or compilers of Second Kings and Second Chronicles. The two kings were "good" compared to the consistently evil kings of Israel and most kings of Judah. Below is a chart of the reigns of these two kings of Judah. Their reigns of 81 years, add up to one year more than the combined rule of David and Solomon.

Israel and Judah: 29. Athaliah and Joash of Judah - April 2018

Athaliah was the mother of King Ahaziah of Judah, who ruled just one year, recently assassinated by King Jehu of Israel along with several of Ahaziah's relatives who traveled to Israel to visit their king. In Jerusalem Athaliah takes control of the throne and consolidates her power. She was the only female to rule in Jerusalem, although she is not counted as one of the Kings of Judah. We begin with the aftermath in Jerusalem of Athaliah's seizing power. Then we soon learn of another king of Judah, who was known by two names: Jehoash/Joash.

Israel and Judah: 28. The Reign of King Jehu of Israel - February 2018

YHWH had Elisha the prophet anoint Jehu as the next King of Israel. Joram, the current King of Israel was in the city of Jezreel recuperating from a war wound he received in battle against the Syrian army. Ahaziah, the King of Judah, was staying with Joram during his recovery. Joram's mother, the lovely Queen mother Jezebel, was also in Jezreel. This episode opens with Jehu leaving the fortress city of Ramoth-gilead and traveling by chariot to Jezreel to confront Joram.

Geography, A Prime Prophetic Truth - January 2018

This article concerns a very important prophetic indication, one which is not only neglected by most prophetic interpreters today, it seems to be avoided altogether. That subject involves what could be called ?rophetic geography.?That is, where will end-time events take place, and to whom. To what peoples will those end-time prophecies pertain? Many people are confused about this subject. It is no wonder they are confused over prophetic teachings today when this basic prophetic truth is not comprehended by the majority of prophetic teachers.

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