The Mission of A.S.K.

It is our goal to bring to the attention of all Bible believers the importance of self reliance and personal responsibility when approaching Bible themes. It is the sole responsibility of the believer to become educated and to realize precisely what he or she believes. We promote the fact that those beliefs should be able to be communicated to any person asking a question. By encouraging people to examine the original documents for themselves, we help to create a greater comprehension of the source material itself. By having a biblical and historical understanding of the Bible, we can all know and trust God better.

David Sielaff, Director
Associates for Scriptural Knowledge

About A.S.K.

Associates for Scriptural Knowledge (A.S.K.) is a non-profit religious organization dedicated to educating people in historical, scientific and theological matters concerning the Holy Scriptures. We do not promote a pastoral, ritualistic or liturgical ministry.

Our ecclesiastical position is non-denominational and non-hierarchical. Our object is to publish and disseminate academic research materials concerning biblical matters to the general public throughout the world. This is done through print, electronic, visual and the communication media. We seek to bring peoples' attention to all aspects of the Bible. We do not concentrate on theological issues alone. With this approach, we are not limited to publishing materials for one segment of Bible believers.

This allows us freedom to disseminate all issues, including those topics that are often not a part of today's mainstream consensus of religious discussion. We produce research that would never see light outside of our A.S.K. publishing agenda. We are also dedicated to making our materials available to those who are less fortunate without cost if we are provided, by others, with the necessary financial support to permit this service.

A.S.K. is located at the north end of the picturesque Willamette Valley in Portland Oregon. Portland is only an hour's drive from the rugged Pacific Coast and about the same distance from beautiful Mount Hood to the east. Portland is the home of the the NBA Trailblazers and the Portland Winter Hawks.

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