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Introduction & Instructions
This book contains “Bible Secrets” that will surprise people. The real teaching of the Bible has been hidden by the interpretations of preachers, priests, and theologians hired by the religious denominations to teach THEIR doctrines of THEIR church hierarchies. This book strips away the nonsense that prevails today in biblical interpretations and presents a fresh new look at “that good old book.” The results will be a greater respect and love for the world’s best seller. People will say: “Why haven’t we been told these things before?”

CHAPTER ONE - "Hollywood Theology"

Secret Number 1 - The Ten Commandments were Pocket Size
When Cecil B. DeMille produced the movie "The Ten Commandments," Charlton Heston who played Moses brought down from the mountain two huge stones that surely must have weighed a good hundred pounds each (I saw these "stones" years ago when I toured one of the movie studios and they were actually made of foam rubber). But is this an accurate depiction of the stones on which the Ten Commandments were written?
Secret Number 2 - Hollywood Knows Nothing about Stirrups
Both Hollywood films and television specials have been guilty of another falsity regarding the biblical periods that is so evident to anyone having studied the History of Western Civilization. They often show riders on horses which have saddles and stirrups.
Secret Number 3 - A New Creation of Animals after Noah
Hollywood has shown Noah gathering together to enter the Ark many of our types of animals that we have in our modern world. This is wrong. Though the Bible says Noah got pairs (or pairs of sevens) of all animals then existing that had been created in the period when Adam and Eve were created, there is a second account of creation in the Bible written by Kind David (that most people know nothing about) which shows a further creation after the Flood of Noah that brought into existence the many types of animals, insects and other living creatures that we know today.
Secret Number 4 - Red Sea Was Crossed on an Ice Bridge
Another Hollywood depiction of a biblical event is also completely filled with errors. When the House of Israel crossed the Red Sea dry shod, most people imagine that the sea opened up and that a stretch of the sea bottom (now made dry by the wind) was made available for them to escape the Egyptians. It is also assumed that there were walls of water being held back on each side of the "canyon-like" walk way so that the bottom (the sea bed) of the Red Sea became dry. Also, when Pharaoh and his hosts the next morning entered this "canyon-like" roadway then the walls of the water on both sides collapsed and the Egyptians were drowned. This is the classic interpretation of this event, but is it true? In no way does this describe the real event.
Secret Number 5 - The Long-haired "Jesus" Is a Pagan God
One of the biggest errors Hollywood has made is in their depiction of Jesus while he was teaching here on earth. The real Jesus DID NOT have long hair and no evidence before the fourth century suggests he even had a beard.

CHAPTER TWO - Questions about God

Secret Number 6 - What Does God Eat for Breakfast?
Philosophically speaking, if you could answer one question about God in a satisfactory way, you would know more about God than all the philosophers and theologians who have ever lived. What question provides such sublime truth? It is this: "What does God eat for breakfast?"
Secret Number 7 - Is the Spirit a Personality?
We are told in the Bible that Christ Jesus has the express image of the Father (and conversely, the Father looks expressly like Christ Jesus). Is the Holy Spirit also a divine personality like the Father and Christ who also looks precisely as they do? Almost all Christendom accepts as a test of orthodoxy that the Holy Spirit is an equal personality with the Father and Christ and that the three personalities comprise "one God" called the Trinity. Is the Godhead composed of three identical personalities who are independently or collectively called "one God"? The principal question is this: Is the Spirit a personality of the Godhead?
Secret Number 8 - What Kind of Body Does God Have?
We are told in the Bible that the Father and Christ Jesus appear in human form, but their bodies are composed of spirit (that is, a spirit substance that is as substantial to other spiritual beings as our flesh is substantial to other flesh beings).
Secret Number 9 - Is God Totally a Spirit?
The Bible shows that the Father is a spirit. It shows that Christ Jesus is a spirit. It shows angels are spirits. And each human being has a spirit.
Secret Number 10 - Is the Godhead a Plural Entity?
Is the Godhead a plural entity or is it singular?
Secret Number 11 - Are Angels a Part of the Godhead?
Angels are called "spirits" in the Bible. Are they part of the divine Family that makes up the Godhead?
Secret Number 12 - Does God Commit Evil?
Does God ever commit evil or create bad things in the world and the universe?
Secret Number 13 - Does God Ever Lie?
Would God ever cause people to believe a falsehood – a lie?
Secret Number 14 - Does God Have a Wife?
Does God have a female companion that we on earth would call his wife?
Secret Number 15 - Is God Circumcised?
Since God told Abraham and his male descendants to be circumcised as a token of their covenant with him, does this mean that God himself is circumcised?
Secret Number 16 - Can God Die?
Can God Die?
Secret Number 17 - What Should Man Call God?
Some people insist that God the Father and Christ Jesus should only be called by their Hebrew names (that is, pronounced the way the early Hebrews would have uttered them). What does the New Testament teach?

CHAPTER 3 - Questions about the Bible

Secret Number 18 - Modern Bibles Are All Mixed Up
Most Bibles today do not have the books placed in the order of the main Hebrew or Greek manuscripts. The books were placed in the present order in the early fifth century after Christ by Jerome and they were placed in this new order for anti-semitic reasons (to put down the Jews and to exalt the Roman Gentiles).
Secret Number 19 -The True Old Testament Order
What is the proper order of the Old Testament books?
Secret Number 20 - The Real New Testament Order
What is the proper New Testament order?
Secret Number 21 - The Original Bible Divisions
What were the original divisions and number of Old and New Testament books?
Secret Number 22 - Books that Do Not Mention God
What book of the Old Testament does not mention the name God (or any deity) even once?
Secret Number 23 - Hidden Names of God
In spite of the fact that God’s name is not found overtly in the Book of Esther, it does occur five times in the text in acrostic form. An acrostic is when the first (or perhaps the last) letters of words are used to make another word, in this instance to denote the name of God.
Secret Number 24 - The Seven Churches of PAul
In the proper New Testament manuscripts we find that the Book of Hebrews occurs after Second Thessalonians and before First Timothy, thereby identifying it with an epistle of Paul. With the Book of Hebrews, we have Paul’s corpus of books being 14 in all. Out of those 14 (2 times 7), how many of them were written to local congregations (ekklesias) scattered around the Gentile world? Some may be surprised at the number.
Secret Number 25 - The Forty-nine Bible Books
Why are there 22 books to the original Old Testament and 27 books to the New Testament, making 49 books (7 times 7)?
Secret Number 26 - The Wrong Number of Books
Why do most Protestant Bibles today have 66 books in number instead of the original 49 books (though the amount of the Holy Scriptures is the same in both canons)?  

CHAPTER FOUR - Questions about Chronology

Secret Number 27 - Jacob's Old Age at Marriage
How old was Jacob when he married Leah and Rachel? The answer may surprise you.
Secret Number 28 - Abraham's Legal Wives
After Sarah died, Abraham (being 137 years old) married Keturah. He had six children by her. But his body was supposed to have been "dead" (unable to beget children) when Abraham was 99 years old. Did his virility revive some 38 years later?
Secret Number 29 - The 400 Years of Bondage
In Genesis 15:13 Abraham was told that his people would be afflicted for 400 years. Almost all scholars have taken this 400 years to be a round number. Is this the case?
Secret Number 30 - The 450 Years of Paul
In I Kings 6:1 it says there were exactly 480 years from the start of the Exodus to the fourth year of Solomon. But the apostle Paul seemed to say something different that adds almost a hundred years to the chronology of the period. What did Paul mean by his "450 years" (Acts 13:20)?
Secret Number 31 - The Exact Day of Christ's Birth
Is it possible from biblical information to know the exact day (even the hour) when Christ was born of the Virgin Mary?
Secret Number 32 - Christ Born on New Years Day
If Christ were born in the late Summer (that is, during the early evening of September 11th), was this date significant on the Hebrew calendar?
Secret Number 33 - An Eclipse at the Crucifixion?
The New Testament said there was darkness over all the land between noon and three o’clock when Jesus was crucified (Matthew 27:45). This could hardly be an eclipse of the Sun because it was Passover time when the Moon was opposite the Sun in the east. What was this darkness?
Secret Number 34 - When Was Christ Resurrected?
In the King James Version it seems to state that the two Marys saw Christ having been resurrected from the dead "in the end of the sabbaths" (Greek). Does this mean that Christ’s resurrection was at the time we call the start of Saturday night and not Sunday morning?
Secret Number 35 - What Weekday Was Christ's Death?
On what day of the week was Christ crucified? Was it Friday as tradition states, Thursday or perhaps Wednesday?
Secret Number 36 - Has the Resurrection Already Occurred?
When Christ was resurrected from the dead the New Testament states that "many bodies of saints arose" (Matthew 27:52,53). When did this event occur? And were these saints Abraham, Moses, David, and the other righteous saints of Old Testament times?
Secret Number 37 - Are There Two Second Advents?
Will Christ return in the clouds on two different occasions perhaps separated by centuries?
Secret Number 38 - The Pre-Tribulation Rapture
Many people today believe that Christ’s second advent will be in two stages: one, he will come to rescue his people before the Great Tribulation (or part way through it) and take them to heaven for seven years (or some say three and a half years) and then return again "with his saints" to judge the world as recorded in Revelation 19. Is this true?

CHAPTER FIVE - "Let Us Now Go to Hell"

Secret Number 39 - Just Where is Hell?
Anyone who studies the Bible thoroughly will eventually go to the study of hell, so let us all go there at this time. While today the word "hell" is often used as a swear word by the masses, the original word conveyed little such meaning. What does the original word "hell" actually signify?
Secret Number 40 - Is Hell a Burning Punishment?
How can one be sure that the punishment for sin is not to be in a literal burning "hell" (or purgatory) when one dies?
Secret Number 41 - Can People Live in Hell?
Is the story of Lazarus and the Rich Man literal or is it a parable? If it is literal then the Rich Man is described by Christ as being in the torments of hell (hades) after his death. Is Christ giving literal teaching as many preachers and priests would have Christians believe, or is his illustration a parable and not intended to be taken as actually occurring?
Secret Number 42 - Where is the Lake of Fire?
While it can be shown that the fire in hades that Christ spoke about in the parable of Lazerus and the Rich Man is figurative language and not actual, what about "the Lake of Fire" mentioned in the Book of Revelation. Is it literal?
Secret Number 43 - Did Christ Preach While Dead?
Did Christ preach to the spirits in prison (their underground place of restraint) while he was in the tomb for three days?
Secret Number 44 - All People Go to Hell
What happens when a person dies? The scriptures show that all people (both the righteous and wicked) go to "hell" (into the grave) when they die?
Secret Number 45- Does Hell Last Forever?
What is the main reason that the vast number of Christian denominations today believe in an "ever burning hell" in which people will suffer for the rest of eternity?
Secret Number 46 - Did Peter Say "Go to Hell?"
The Word "hell" actually means a hole in the ground where the dead are deposited until their resurrections from the dead. It is a place where the body is destroyed, but not the soul or spirit. When a person "goes to hell" it means to go to the place of the destruction of the body. Was Peter cursing when he censured the first major heretic of the Christian faith about going to hell?

CHAPTER SIX - Questions about Prophecy

Secret Number 47 - Death of the Two Witnesses
How will the two witnesses mentioned in the Book of Revelation be killed?
Secret Number 48 - Is a Day Always a Year?
Does a day represent a year in the prophetic contexts of the Bible?
Secret Number 49 - A Major Contradiction
There is a prophecy in the Book of Revelation 8:7 which states that "all green grass is to be burnt up," but Revelation 9:4 said later that the locusts could not harm "the grass of the earth." How could there be grass available when it was supposedly consumed?
Secret Number 50 - The Real Meaning of 666
The Number 666 is often associated with the evil power to exist at the end of the age (and this is true), but is the number always to be considered ominous and unlucky to Christians?
Secret Number 51 - Vatican Hill and Prophecy
Some prophetic interpreters, including Catholic ones, have suggested that the "seven mountains" of Revelation 17:9 refer to the city of Rome. The question is: which one of the original seven hills of Rome was Vatican Hill where the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church is today?
Secret Number 52 - What Does Antichrist Mean?
What does the word "Antichrist" actually mean as shown in the Holy Scriptures?
Secret Number 53 - Will Many Christs Soon Arrive?
In His Olivet Prophecy, Christ said that a sign that his second advent was near is the fact that "many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many" (Matthew 24:5). Did Christ mean there would be many people saying they were Christ returned from heaven and many would be deceived?
Secret Number 54 - Why Methuselah Lived So Long
Why did God allow Methuselah to live so long? He lived longer than any other human. Was there a major prophecy given by his father Enoch at the time of his birth?

CHAPTER SEVEN - Questions about Sexual Themes

Secret Number 55 - What Men Prophesied Stark Naked?
Name two anointed prophets of God and one king who were motivated thoroughly by the influence of the Holy Spirit who appeared in full public view stark naked. There was also a king who danced with such vigor that his private parts were exposed for all to see. Who was this? By the way, I do not recommend the procedure of these prophets and kings today.
Secret Number 56 - Abraham Swore on the Testes
Abraham had his servant make an oath by his hand being placed "under my thigh." What did Abraham mean?
Secret Number 57 - The Castration of Ham
What was Ham’s sin against Noah that so offended Shem and Japheth?
Secret Number 58 - Never Touch a Woman's Hand
Does the apostle Paul advocate never to touch a woman – even to shake hands?
Secret Number 59 - Canaanites Wanted Sexual Organs
In the time of Deborah, the Canaanite king named Sisera was killed and his army defeated. When the mother of Sisera was expecting Sisera and his men home, what did she expect them to bring with them?
Secret Number 60 - Israel and Phallic Worship
Akin to the previous answer is another. When Moses got upset with the Israelites just before they entered the land of Canaan for going over to the worship of Baal-Peor (and Paul also referred to this evil), what were the people of Israel doing in the worship of the Moabite deity?
Secret Number 61 - Paul Recommended Emasculation
Was the apostle Paul blunt on one occasion about the male sexual member when he was in an argument with Jewish Christians who were demanding that Gentile men be circumcised?
Secret Number 62 - Having Many Women without Adultery
In the Ten Commandments the seventh command is: "You shall not commit adultery." When God gave Moses this command, what was meant by the word "adultery?"
Secret Number 63 - Did Baal Relieve Himself?
There was a function of the middle anatomy of a human that was discussed by Elijah the Prophet when he met with the prophets of Baal and Asherah. It shows Elijah could use some pretty crass language if he decided it was advantageous to do so.

CHAPTER EIGHT - Questions about Christian Doctrine

Secret Number 64 - Should One Turn the Cheek?
In Christian conduct must one always turn the other cheek when struck by someone?
Secret Number 65 - People Are Ordered to Swear
Christ said not to swear an oath (Matthew 5:33-37), but will God require man to swear in the future according to prophecy?
Secret Number 66 - Are Christians "Born Again"?
Is the Christian "born again" now?
Secret Number 67 - Were Christians Communists?
Was "communism" practiced among the early Christians because in the Book of Acts it states that some disciples had all things in common?
Secret Number 68 - Could Paul Lose Salvation?
Could the apostle Paul be accursed from Christ forever and never experience a salvation like the rest of mankind?
Secret Number 69 - When Were You Saved?
When were Christians today saved, and what works did they have to do to be saved?
Secret Number 70 - How Many Are to be Saved?
How many people are destined to be saved in Christ?
Secret Number 71 - People Can Lose Out
There are many verses that explain that all men will be saved in Christ, but surely this does not mean "all" because there are equally many verses that say people will perish, be destroyed and not make it into a state of redemption (such as those who commit the sin against the spirit).
Secret Number 72 - Will Mustard Seed Faith Do?
Will faith the size of a mustard seed remove mountains?
Secret Number 73 - Does Satan Know Your Thoughts?
Does Satan know our thoughts?
Secret Number 74 - Does Satan Cause One to Sin?
Does Satan personally inspire each Christian to sin?
Secret Number 75 - Are Prophets Infallible?
If a person is inspired of God (like a prophet or an apostle), does that mean he is infallible?

CHAPTER NINE - Questions about Rituals and Salvation

Secret Number 76 - Was the Passover Always a Lamb?
The apostle Paul said that Christ was our Passover and he is referred to in the New Testament as the lamb. Was the Passover sacrifice always to be a lamb?
Secret Number 77- Can Passover Be Kept Anywhere?
Could the conscientious worshiper of God eat the Passover lamb in the areas of Greece or Italy (or even where the United States is today)?
Secret Number 78 - Are Entrails Proper to Eat?
What cook today would roast an animal in the oven without first removing its entrails? But does the Old Testament command the cooking and eating of some animals without the removal of these offensive parts?
Secret Number 79 - How Young Were Animals Eaten?
Though the Passover animal had to be a yearling (no more than a year old), what was the youngest age allowed for the animal?
Secret Number 80 - What Day Was the Passover?
On what day of the month and at what time of the day was the original Passover as ordained by Moses annually observed?
Secret Number 81 - Should Christians Keep Feasts?
Does the Christian today have to observe the weekly Sabbath and the annual Holydays given to Israel by Moses?
Secret Number 82 - Does God Always Follow Rules?
Does God always follow the rules he has established for the salvation of the human race? Could he ever go against his own ritualistic and prophetic plan?

CHAPTER TEN - Questions about History

Secret Number 83 - Did Enoch and Elijah Die?
Most Christians commonly assume that the Bible shows the prophets Enoch and Elijah as having been translated to heaven back in their times and that they are now living in an immortal state with Christ and God the Father (II Kings 2:1,11; Hebrews 11:5). The fact is, however, nothing could be farther from the truth. In no way do the Holy Scriptures teach that these two prophets are now immortal and in heaven.
Secret Number 84 - Was Incest Justified?
People have wondered why Lot’s daughters committed incest with their father. Such an act would naturally be held in disdain and without excuse by ordinary people. Is there any reason why they did what they did other than just sexual desire?
Secret Number 85 - The Women of Christ's Genealogy
In the historical records of the New Testament we find the genealogical accounts giving the line of Jesus. In the Gospel of Matthew, who are the four women worthy of being mentioned in this genealogy?
Secret Number 86 - Who Was Judas Iscariot?
The person of Judas Iscariot is one who has created a lot of discussion throughout history. Just who was this man who betrayed Jesus?
Secret Number 87 - What Prophet Was Deformed?
What major prophet of the Bible was probably deformed and could not worship God in the Temple under the legislation of the Old Testament?
Secret Number 88 - Who Was the First Gentile Saved?
Who was the first Gentile that received the Christian message after the resurrection of Christ?
Secret Number 89 - What Prophet Called God a Liar?
What prophet of the Old Testament once called God a liar?
Secret Number 90 - Who Was the Author of Psalm 119?
Who was the author of Psalm 119? Was he David, or someone else? Finding out who the real author is helps to make the message of the psalm much clearer.
Secret Number 91 - Did Moses Stutter?
Did Moses have an impediment of speech?
Secret Number 92 - What Was Joseph's Colored Coat?
The historical account of Joseph showed that he wore a coat of many colors. What was so important about this fact that Moses wanted to record it so the Israelites of his time would realize it?
Secret Number 93 - Why Did Rachel Steal Images?
Why did Rachel steal the images of her father Laban?
Secret Number 94 - No Circumcision in the Wilderness
Did Israelites circumcise their male children while they were in the wilderness?
Secret Number 95 - Israel's Population at the Exodus
What was the population of Israel at the Exodus from Egypt. When one looks at the figures given in the Bible, it appears that there could have been as many as two and a half million people (if one includes the women and the children). Is this possibly correct?

CHAPTER ELEVEN - Questions about the Garden of Eden and Noah's Flood

Secret Number 96 - Where Was the Garden of Eden?
Just where was the original Garden of Eden and how did the four rivers flow into it?
Secret Number 97 - Did the Flood Cover Mountains?
Did the Flood of Noah produce so much water that all the mountains of the earth were submerged? What is the real meaning of Noah’s Flood?
Secret Number 98 - Did Noah Have a Rain Gauge?
What were the waters in the firmament that finally came down to earth? In what form were they before they came to earth?
Secret Number 99 - The Earth Once Had Ice Rings
What was the effect of the Ring System which was once around the earth?
Secret Number 100 - Did Water Come from the Temple?
There is another matter involving the use of water that has puzzled biblical scholars over the centuries. That is the teaching of the apostle Paul that there was a "spiritual rock" that accompanied the Israelites at the Exodus that provided them water to drink (I Corinthians 10:1-4). Paul goes on to say that the Rock was actually Christ. How did Christ as a Rock (or a Stone) accompany Israel and give them water to drink in the wilderness?

CHAPTER TWELVE - Political Bible Translations

Secret Number 101 - Political Bible Translations
What is the most critical problem involving Bible translations and versions today (or at any time)?


Appendix 1 - More on Crossing the Red Sea
To many people the crossing of the Red Sea on top of an ice bridge seems absurd. Where in all history has such a suggestion been made? The truth is, I know of no suggestion. But the first time I studied the account thirty-eight years ago, the Bible said to me it was an ice bridge. But wait, does not the text say Israel went across on “dry land” or “dry ground”?
Appendix 2 - The Error of the Long-haired Jesus
One of the biggest errors Hollywood has made is in their depiction of Jesus while he was teaching here on earth. The error comes because the preachers, priests and theologians have themselves accepted a false type of Jesus that nowhere resembles the true Jesus who is described in the New Testament. The images of Jesus that Christians have in their churches, homes, Bibles, Sunday School or Sabbath School books are those which have the outward features of the chief pagan gods of the heathen world. If the apostles could come back to life and visit our churches, enter our homes, and see our movies about Jesus, they would be aghast at witnessing Jesus being portrayed like the chief gods of the heathen world.
Appendix 3 - The Holy Spirit - Person or Power?
This Appendix is an additional study to show the absurdity of viewing the Holy Spirit as a personality like the Father and Christ Jesus. Biblical teaching about the Holy Spirit is clear enough, but the options of men (prompted primarily by theological and philosophical speculations about the nature of material and spiritual substances originating near the fourth century) have clouded the whole issue. It is time that the biblical teachings about the Holy Spirit be restored to their proper place of recognition. Let us ask a series of questions about the Holy Spirit and then answer them briefly
Appendix 4 - How the Bible is Inspired
In the western world the majority of our people believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God, but they are at a loss to explain how it is inspired. Most people have not the slightest idea what makes the Bible to be inspired or how its teachings are authoritative for their lives. Normally, the laity simply let the ordained ministers of their churches decide for them what represents the Word of God and what does not.
Appendix 5 - Where Is the Lake of Fire?
The information in this Appendix may be surprising to many people, but it can be shown from the Bible and history that the Lake of Fire is presently in existence on this earth. At the present time the Lake is within one of its periodic “quiet” cycles and fire is not now observed within it, but it is destined to erupt again before the second advent of Christ.
Appendix 6 - The Population of the Exodus
In Question Ninety-Five I answer the so-called problem of the population of Israel at the Exodus that has given people so much trouble over the centuries. To keep my answer short for the question itself, I did not present some of the problems that scholars have had to face if one takes the men of the two censuses to be living men who accompanied Moses with the rest of the Israelites out of Egypt.
Appendix 7 - The Secret of the Number 666
Several years ago there was a Hollywood production making the rounds called “The Omen”. It is the tale of a young boy who is supposed to be the destined “Beast’ of Revelation 13. He is depicted as having the birthmark “666” on his scalp which identifies him as the prophesied “man of sin” or the “son of perdition” (II Thessalonians 2:3).

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