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 ASK DVD Video

Elohim and The Son of God - Order ONLINE
This DVD is the PowerPoint presentation delivered at the June 2007 One God Conference in Albany, NY. It addresses numerous issues that are of interest to all Christians and also the focus of the conference. It presents the basic facts of Scripture on the subjects of:
  • What is God?
  • Who are the Sons of God of Genesis 6?
  • Who is/are the Nephilim?
  • Jesus as The Son of God
  • The nature of Eternity
  • Worship of Christ
  • Christ's existence before He became flesh
  • Christ as the first creation of the Father
  • Christ's role in the subsequent creation
  • The nature of God
Jerusalem and the Lost Temple of the Jews - Order ONLINE
Jerusalem and the Lost Temple of the Jews is a video presentation that will change all the world's ideas about the Holy Temple of the Jews. A.S.K. offers you the complete video presentation in DVD format.

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Jerusalem, the Center of the Earth
This is a 58 minute YouTube video that Ken Klein made of his sermon Jerusalem, the Center of the Earth sermon at Anaheim, CA on September 15, 2013

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Searching for the Real Jewish Temple Location
David Sielaff, Robert Cornuke, and Chuck Missler are participants in a video interview by Ron Matsen from the Koinonia House. This is a YouTube video.
A.S.K. Initiatives - July 13, 2002
This Real video movie is the material presented at the July 13, 2002 meeting held in Portland, Oregon by A.S.K.
A.S.K. Web Initiatives - July 13, 2002
This Real video movie contains the presentation of the A.S.K. Web Initiatives given at the July 13, 2002 meeting held in Portland, Oregon by A.S.K.
Tribute to Dr. Ernest L. Martin
This flash video is a small tribute to Ernest L. Martin who died on January 16, 2002 at his home in Portland, Oregon. Read Dr. Martin's biography on this Web site. 
The Simplicity of Christian Teaching
This 3 part video is from a lecture held by Dr. Martin in August 1987. Dr. Martin discusses the Simplicity of Christianity. Watch and listen as Dr. Martin expounds what Christ has done for you.
The Star of Bethlehem - Griffith Observatory / MSNBC
The Star of Bethlehem has left its mark on the gospels as well as a constellation of holiday songs. Was it purely a divine sign, created miraculously to mark Jesusí birth? Or was it an astronomical event in its own right? John Mosley, program supervisor for the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, explains what he sees as the most likely scientific scenario.
What Will You Be Like in the Resurrection?
Dr. Martin discusses the real destiny for mankind and what the resurrection holds in store for each of us.
Video Presentation of the Temple Mount
This video is a computer simulation of a view of the temple mount as described in the book The Temples That Jerusalem Forgot by Dr. Ernest L. Martin. Watch as the perspective shifts from a view of inside the temple to the north wall of Fort Antonia and down to the Gihon Springs. Dr. Martin describes each section of the area as the camera angle provides an ever changing view.

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